Lendlease Podium is an end-to-end digital platform that provides the property and construction industry with insights and clarity never experienced before. Harnessing over 60 years of Lendlease applied experience, the platform incorporates digital products and services, from design automation to property insights and asset services. Podium is the enabler of autonomous buildings and the sustainability ambitions of our industry.

Podium Envision
A generative design tool which streamlines and improves decision making along the property development process, from feasibility through to design and construction.
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Podium MX Studio
An automation service and fabrication space that brings together specialists across the supply chain to test, prototype and assemble both physical and digital building parts.
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Podium Supply Automation
A suite of tools to enable suppliers, developers and project managers with the ability to communicate, share and track the supply of products and parts in real-time.
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Podium Property Insights
A centralised software tool which  connects data from building hardware, assets and enterprise systems. It enables you to view, analyse and gain value from your data at a portfolio, building and user level.
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Podium Asset Services
A service that reimagines energy, water and connectivity for the built world to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve customer experience and drive more productive cities.
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“With Podium, I can quickly assess and resolve issues in design and ensure we are delivering to a high quality asset in less time than before."

Jerome Johnson
Project Director, One Sydney Harbour, Lendlease

“With Podium, my team can reduce costs by up to 20% by early identification and resolution of design issues.”

Claire Johnston
Managing Director, Google Real Estate Development, Lendlease

“With Podium, we have accelerated the timing of the design process at MIND, from concept to buildable plans by 64%.”

Andrea Ruckstuhl
Head of Italy & Continental Europe, Lendlease

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