Lendlease Digital

With our long-standing legacy of trust, innovation and industry knowledge, Lendlease Digital will give you back valuable time, energy and capital to move forward faster. We cut through the complexity to give you the insights and confidence you truly need to make informed decisions and to achieve economic, environmental and social outcomes. We allow you to connect the dots more easily and freely, linking ambitions and visions with reality and efficiencies.

About Podium

At the heart of the new investment is Podium, Lendlease's property lifecycle platform. As a portfolio of digital products and services, they are harnessed to simplify the complex interdependencies in the built world. Podium, through the entire lifecycle of a project, enables clients and projects access to detail and clarity like they have never had before. Linking visions, plans and programs to results, realities and efficiencies. Ultimately, Podium is the enabler of autonomous buildings and the key to both economic and environmentally sustainable ambitions of this industry.

About Autonomous Buildings

We have a vision for a world which is sustainable and designed for the wellness and connectivity of people. Lendlease define Autonomous Building as the assembly and operation of buildings which adapt to the interdependencies of the built world. Put simply, buildings which can operate themselves. Watch our video on autonomous buildings and their purpose in the world today.