Claire Johnston WRLDCTY

Transforming Urban Spaces and Places

Lendlease Leaders Discuss Developing Resilient, Sustainable and Community-Focused Places at WRLDCTY

Claire participated in a fireside chat with Alexa Arena, Senior Director of Real Estate Development at Google. The two discussed Google and Lendlease’s real estate venture, and how they are joining the community to help transform spaces throughout the Bay Area to unlock the potential of people and place. Claire and Alexa walked the hybrid audience through their shared approach, discussing the balance of innovation and discipline the organizations must manage to contribute to solutions toward the Bay Area's housing, community and infrastructure challenges.

Claire explained that Lendlease’s decision to partner with Google for such a project arose from both companies' mutual prioritization of contemporary sustainable development. “To achieve the innovations the world needs to thrive through climate change, you need scale - and a partner who is aligned with your broader business ambitions,” said Claire. “Lendlease and Google’s values are very much aligned, and that shared, intrinsic north star makes this type of project achievable.”

Claire and Alexa emphasized the importance of working closely alongside the community, engaging early and often to balance the collective’s desires with a realistic vision and framework to create a place that meets everyone’s mutual goals.