Podium Property Insights: Curated Market Place

Podium Property Insights: Curated Market Place

As an open platform, Podium Property Insights offers the flexibility to embrace a wide range of tightly-integrated hardware, software, services and data sources from trusted partners, while also leveraging existing investments.

While Podium Property Insights offers a holistic way to improve workplaces through delivering actionable insights, out of the box it understandably may not completely meet a business' specific needs. That's why the platform is designed to be both data and hardware agnostic, giving businesses the freedom to augment the platform to align with their specific goals and ensure it delivers the desired business benefits.

During an initial discovery workshop, businesses assess exactly what is required for Podium Property Insights to best meet their specific requirements and priorities. This includes required data sources and sets, as well as the hardware and services required to access and ingest that data. It also includes apps and services designed to drive employee engagement and integrate with other building and business systems.

These requirements can vary depending on intended use cases and required business outcomes. For example, sustainability and air quality reporting can be a high priority for some businesses. Others can place more importance on better understanding occupancy to right-size their leasing footprint, or perhaps focus more on employee engagement in an effort to encourage staff to return to the office.

Delivering on all these requirements can involve deploying additional technology. This can include sensors and other IoT devices for monitoring occupancy and other metrics, as well as apps for engaging with employees and underpinning services like booking desks and reserving meeting rooms.

One of Podium Property Insights' key strengths is that businesses are not required to rip out existing assets and start from scratch. Nor are they locked into acquiring hardware, software or services from specific vendors.

Instead, Podium Property Insights is data and hardware agnostic. It is supported by a ​​curated marketplace which allows business to choose from a wide range of tightly integrated solutions which have been reviewed and validated by subject matter experts.

Traditionally, adding IoT sensors to a building management platform could be a long and convoluted process which involved engaging with multiple vendors to acquire, install, integrate and manage the hardware. Along with increased complexity, it was also easy for costs to blow out. Likewise, integrating with third-party apps and services to extend functionality could be a long and arduous process.

Taking advantage of Podium Property Insights' curated marketplace and network of trusted partners addresses these pain points with plug-and-play solutions. This ensures these solutions are pre-configured and tightly integrated with the platform. There are also options for installation, integration, support and ongoing monitoring as a managed service. Most importantly, solutions also have a defined cost of implementation to ensure budgets don't blow out.

Podium Property Insights' open platform and curated marketplace ensures that businesses can get the most from the platform – augmenting it with tightly-integrated hardware, software, services and data to deliver on their exact required business outcomes.