#DigitalTradies: Meet Portia Hyland - Data Superstar and... Meerkat?

27 July 2021

Welcome to the first episode of #DigitalTradies!

In this new series, we catch up with some very awesome people in the Lendlease Digital family (we call “Digital Tradies”) to find out what they do and what they’re working on right now, with Podium.

Today we spoke with Portia Hyland, superstar in all things data and... meerkat?

Tell us about yourself
I’m a first year Digital Graduate, currently working in the Data Science team. I studied a Bachelor of Architecture and Environments and a Master of Design in Innovative and Strategic Design.

What does your typical day look like?
Two days never look alike because I’m constantly getting exposed to new things, getting to learn new thing, and I absolutely love it! Right now, I’m working on Podium Property Insights which is helping to provide details around the performance of a building in terms of customer satisfaction, operational excellence, sustainability and more.

What inspires you to log in every day?
The culture. Everyone at Lendlease Digital is absolutely lovely. I started working from home (due to COVID restrictions) and I didn’t feel like I wasn’t in the office. Everyone made such an effort to make me feel welcome, and whenever I had questions, I felt more than comfortable to ask anyone if they could help me. Lendlease is also great at fostering any interest you have or any skills you want to develop.

What words of wisdom would you give to aspiring Digital Tradies?
Find out what you’re really interested in and what makes you passionate. For example, I know that I really liked solving complex problems and bringing human-centred design element to projects. So, I have continued to use that throughout working at Lendlease and brought that to every project I’ve worked on.

Finally, what is your spirit animal?
I’d have to say my spirit animal is a meerkat. Meerkats are constantly popping their heads up and looking over things. I like to put my nose in a lot of different projects so I can learn a lot. They’re energetic, kind of quick witted and a bit social.