#DigitalTradies: “Wake Up To A Plank, Not To A Coffee” - Meet Udaya Kondameedi, Hatha Yogi And Head Of Software Engineering

  • 27 Aug 2021
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  • Lendlease Podium
Earlier today, we spoke with Udaya Kondameedi - Head of Software Engineering at Lendlease Digital, Singapore. Udaya loves to workout (being a former Hatha Yoga Practitioner) and is passionate about women in technology. She encourages our future generation of #DigitalTradies to “Dream big, because there’s so much to achieve in this world!”




27 August 2021

Welcome to the fifth episode of #DigitalTradies!

In this series, we catch up with some very awesome people in the Lendlease Digital family (we call “Digital Tradies”) to find out what they do and what they’re working on right now, with Podium.

Earlier today, we spoke with Udaya Kondameedi - Hatha Yoga Practitioner and Head of Software Engineering at Lendlease Digital, Singapore.

Tell us about yourself
I am the Head of Engineering at Lendlease Digital, Singapore. I lead a team of 4 Engineering scrum teams based in our new Product Development Centre, working on the delivery of Podium products. I was a Hatha Yoga Practitioner. Working out is still part of my DNA and daily routine. I say, “wake up to plank, not to a coffee!”

We loved the words you wrote in celebration of International Women in Engineering Day! What lessons have you learnt on your journey to becoming the strong woman you are today?
I love this question because I feel women’s voices are there - they just need to be heard and put out there. If you have dreams, just go and achieve it. There’s nothing that will come in your way except your mindset. Dream big, because there’s so much to achieve in this world! Don’t limit yourself with any sort of cultural barrier, or environment that you’ve come from. Dream big, and if you dream it, then work towards achieving it.

What inspires you to log in every day?
It's a great culture that we have. There’s so much talent here who we can learn from and it’s a place where we can grow. There are plenty of opportunities and challenges which really keeps me going every day!

Finally, what is your spirit animal?
My spirit animal is the elephant! I have good memory which can sometimes get me into trouble (because I remember everything). Elephants also love to be in groups - I very much love to be with my family and friends. I also believe that it brings a lot of prosperity and good luck.

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