Podium Property Insights March Update

March Update

Podium Property Insights (PPI) has released several new features for March 2023. As always, we are heavily focused on providing valuable insights for our customers. We’ve taken our workplace data and insights to the next level, building on our range of workplace data sources and metrics with new, intuitive functionality. to simplify the workplace management experience, enable deeper understand of your data and make better, informed decisions.

The Date Picker function enables customers to get insights based on the most pertinent set of data for their individual needs. This feature makes it easier to understand insights specific to a particular date range, allowing for a more focused analysis of data.

Moreover, the selection options for each data set have been expanded, now including any metric on any building or region. This expansion significantly extends the ability for customers to choose the metrics that they find most insightful about their property portfolio. With full power to customise the way in which data is utilised, customers can generate insights that matter to them. 

The Reporting View feature has received a series of updates on new environmental data, including adding the ‘kebab’ feature, view all, date picker, and table view. We’ve also enabled better visibility into data pipelines by providing information on when data was last updated, source and frequency, among other things, providing better provenance and enabling more trust into insights.

The charting and reporting abilities within PPI have also been enhanced extensively, providing broader visualisation tools that help customers find insights faster and with greater clarity. With these new changes, PPI can unlock even more insights to shape places where people and businesses thrive. 

Podium Property Insights' latest release has brought exciting new features that provide customers with more flexibility, customisation, and insights. These improvements allow customers to make more informed decisions, helping them achieve success in the property industry.  

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