Get Ready for #Autonomous21 - Tips to Help You Plan Your Day


This Wednesday (AEST) we go live with Autonomous21. The event is designed to create a knowledge journey as well as opportunities to network and engage. Here are our tips to help you get the most from your Autonomous21 experience. 
1. Choose your own adventure - The topic of autonomous buildings is broad – from the digital strategy, through to understanding the technology, and learning from other places and buildings – there really is something for everyone. Build your agenda based on your learning and connection goals, and create an experience which brings value to your day.
2. Join live where you can - This will give you the opportunity to ask questions and connect with the team. 
3. Register in advance - If the time does not suit you, you can also access – and even listen again – to content for up to 60 days in the event platform. 
4. Participate in the Autonomous21 Leaderboard Challenge - There are points for joining sessions in the Auditorium, the Podium Lab, Networking Lounge and special Augmented Reality rooms. Bonus points are also awarded for finding the cheeky bees which are flying around the event looking for the Lendlease Insect Hotels. 
5. The Augmented Reality rooms contain a QR code to scan, an app to download, and the secret pin. This will allow you to experience the Milan Innovation District and Barangaroo South precinct in augmented reality. 
6. Most sessions are live (with live Q&A) - A small number of sessions were pre-recorded. As we go, we will let you know which sessions are on demand. 
7. If you need help, pop on over to the Help Desk within the platform. If you cannot access the event platform, please use this form for technical assistance. We have a team of people on standby to help you throughout the day.
8. If you have not received your confirmation email and event link, please send an email to [email protected] and our friendly team will provide you will assistance.
Most importantly, we hope you have a wonderful day with us, advance your knowledge journey and meet some new people who will be of value in your network.
We have September 14, 2022 held for Autonomous22 - save the date and we will share more information early next year! 
All the best, 

Team Podium