Lendlease Group Launches Digital Platform to Optimise Workplaces

(Morning News) Australian developer Lendlease has partnered with Accenture and Google Cloud
to launch the Podium Property Insights (PPI) digital platform in Asia to optimise workplaces.

The PPI platform combines sensor-feedback data and artificial intelligence analysis to help real
estate owners and tenants evaluate and optimize building spaces to enhance the office
experience and reduce office space management costs.

Lendlease said in a statement that the platform is designed for large corporations, government
agencies and investment portfolios to help users assess, analyse and forecast workplace needs. It
uses 20 metrics including employee satisfaction, space utilisation, health and safety, and
sustainability to create real-time models for optimal use of building space.

The statement stated that the PPI platform aims to reduce employee complaints to below 30% and
increase work productivity to 12%. In addition, the platform can also reduce energy consumption
by 10% to 20% depending on the building design.

The platform has been piloted in Accenture's local offices and in Csuites, a co-working space
business in Paya Lebar Quarter.