So, what’s it like to work on a world changing idea? Our Podium grads tell all


Meet our Digital Graduates who are working on Podium

In this fun panel, our lovely Serena Dias (Cloud Product Analyst and member of the Digital Graduate Steering Committee), catches up with four of our amazing Digital Graduates who are currently working on Podium:

  • Eliott Oliver, Graduate - Podium Asset Services & PASsion band member
  • Ethan Gonzaga, Graduate - Podium MX Studio & former competitive snowboarder
  • Portia Hyland, Graduate - Podium Property Insights & Meerkat
  • Ellycia Setiadi, Graduate - Podium Supply Automation & Host of #DigitalTradies

The team share their insights into life in the Digital Graduate program and what it's like to work on one of the world's most innovative products.

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