Introducing Podium Placemaker – Our New Augmented Reality Experience

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  • 8 Sep 2021
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  • Lendlease Podium
Today we launch Podium Placemaker, our new Augmented Reality experience breathing life to our places. We start with Barangaroo South, in Sydney Australia, and the Milano Innovation District (MIND) in Milan Italy.


The experience of places has changed over the past 18 months. The ease of travelling from one city or country to another is difficult and even impossible for some.

The uncertainty and fear of connection still prevalent as we find the previously predictable now entirely unpredictable.

Lendlease is known for creating amazing places. Places where communities thrive.

How then, do we help people experience these places and discover new things that are changing our planet, no matter where we are in the world?

Today we launch Podium Placemaker, our new Augmented Reality experience breathing life to our places. Today we start with Barangaroo South, in Sydney Australia, and the Milano Innovation District (MIND) in Milan Italy.

Both places are created with the customer and the planet at the heart of the design. The analysis and insights created by rich data sources means that we can design, assemble and operate both places with agility to changing conditions and community needs.

For Barangaroo South, you will see how energy is managed, have a tour into the underground city and even meet our newest residents – the blue-banded bee.

For MIND, the innovation which forms the foundation of the city comes to life, showing how the current and future designs come together to bring together an ecosystem of biotech entrepreneurs.

To experience our augmented places, simply pop on over to the app store, and download Podium Placemaker.

We do hope you enjoy Lendlease’s newest property experiences.
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