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Podium Property Insights: Initiatives Log & Track

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Effectively logging and tracking workspace initiatives ensures that workplace managers are not flying blind when trying to guide the workplace through the challenges of returning to work.

A holistic view is only the starting point when it comes to reshaping the way people and teams use office space. Workplace managers must also be able to clearly see whether their improvement initiatives are having the desired effect.

Making decisions around workplace space utilisation is not simply a question of optimisation and cost savings, it is also an exercise in improving business outcomes. Amid the challenges of the pandemic, with changing employee expectations and an increasing struggle to attract and retain the best talent, employee satisfaction is the hero metric. It is a key driver of critical business outcomes such as higher productivity, revenue and retention.

As the pandemic shifts into the next phase of the "new normal", 80% of employees feel burnt out, with 70% feeling their employer is not doing enough to improve their employee experience. If employers want to earn the commute, they not only need to be in tune with the concerns of their employees, they also need the ability to act on these concerns with confidence.

Along with access to actionable insights, it is also critical for workplace managers to see how much of an impact their workspace decisions are having on employee satisfaction and the business' employee value proposition.

Considering the broader business impact of workspace-related decisions, it is vital that decision makers have the best tools for the job. Along with insight into the broad range of factors which play into workspace utilisation and employee satisfaction, workplace managers also require the ability to formulate a path to success, set goals, track results and respond to feedback in real time.

As with other workplace initiatives, they also need the tools to make a business case for change and then monitor the Return on Investment of their various workspace-related initiatives.

Podium Property Insights allows workspace managers to create initiatives, both short and long-term – from straightforward goals like improving meeting room availability to more broader ambitions such as increasing office attendance. Highly visual initiative tracking tools offer similar insights to marketing campaign tracking tools, making it easy to see where they are finding success and where there is room for improvement.

Initiatives can be designed to improve certain business outcomes based on Podium Property Insights' analytics and insights. Podium Property Insights are easy to create and can be tracked against any metric, asset, user or service provider.

In return, this provides decision-makers with the ability to log and track the impact of different initiatives on different aspects of the business, as well as the impact of changing circumstances on their different initiatives.

Logging and tracking of initiatives across Podium Property Insights is all built upon the Podium Security model, which incorporates industry standards and compliance frameworks, including the latest privacy legislation and regulations.

Rather than formulating plans and then hoping for the best, Podium Property Insights' initiatives logging and tracking ensures that decision makers have a clear and constant view of how their initiatives are reshaping the workplace and driving improved employee satisfaction.

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