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Offering a dynamic view of data, contextual user dashboards allow workplace managers to make data-driven space utilisation decisions – and track the impact of their initiatives – to ensure they are best meeting the needs of both employees and the business.

As the pandemic reshapes the way people and teams use office space, workplace managers require a holistic view and actionable insights when making critical decisions around space design and utilisation.

Even before the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic and the hybrid workplace, many businesses were already taking advantage of hot desking and hotelling – allowing employees to reserve spaces in advance – to optimise workplace space utilisation.

The challenges of the pandemic have likely reshaped ratios for many businesses when it comes to people, desks and meeting rooms. This makes it more important than ever to have a clear view when it comes to making key decisions. But making critical decisions around space design and utilisation can no longer be solely driven by efforts to drive cost savings and boost productivity.

Decisions around workplace space design and utilisation must also factor in more people-centric metrics. Amid changing employee expectations and the increasing struggle to attract and retain the best talent, workplace managers can't simply rely on spreadsheets. They must humanise their view of the office to have a greater understanding of how workplace space decisions impact people.

It is critical for workplace managers to see how much of an impact their workspace decisions are having on employee satisfaction and the business' employee value proposition.

Part of the difficulty in achieving this is that the data required to drive insights is often siloed across the business, between different departments and different systems. Even if that data can be brought together, it must be cleansed and de-duplicated before it can be relied upon.– Though given the manual processes involved, any potential insights are often too delayed to be actionable.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, as different roles within the business have different requirements when it comes to the data and insights which underpin their decision making. This demands a powerful yet flexible solution.

Podium Property Insights provides users with customisable views so data visualisation can be tailored to specific needs across the entire portfolio. The metric hub provides workplace managers with clarity by reducing information overload from diverse data sources – from building access management systems to employee satisfaction surveys.

Users can easily view all portfolio data, as well as track initiatives and be alerted to insights. Dashboards are customisable to suit all roles, whether executive or a single workplace manager.

Data visualisations in Podium Property Insights' dashboards focus on occupancy, utilisation and employee sentiment. This includes heat map visualisations per floor, indicating utilisation and other key metrics.

Often, metrics and dashboards tend to overwhelm users with a single, complex page of indecipherable charts, graphs, widgets and dials. Rather than overwhelming users with a vast amount of widgets and leaving them to determine which ones actually matter, Podium Property Insights' dashboards surface the most important details and issues which actually require attention. It provides filtered insights based on what the user needs most, offering high level overviews with easy access to further drill down.

Podium Property Insights groups visualisations into useful categories, such as occupancy attendance, bookable spaces and employee experience. Each category is represented by a user-friendly "card" to provide a quick snapshot of the situation.

Along with data visualisations, cards also contain insight "chips" which flag issues requiring attention. The idea is to give dashboards structure and usability, to offer predictive insight notifications which guide people, so they can interpret and act on that insight more quickly.

This kind of data and insight has traditionally been difficult to gather, interpret and share, but Podium Property Insights allows users to easily create and securely share custom views to improve internal communication.

Rather than sift through mountains of siloed data when making critical decisions around space design and utilisation, Podium Property Insights' dashboards ensure that decision makers always have the insights they need at their fingertips.


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