The Future is Already Here, and it is Autonomous by Design


It is no coincidence that art can be found in the term, artificial intelligence. As we navigate our current reality and the wisest paths forward to recalibrate, innovate and create the digital present and future that we want and require, our industry is reminded of how central the nexus of art, design and data is for the construction of a digital renaissance in the building and property sector.

The data led renaissance being spearheaded by Lendlease can only be achieved collaboratively and that is what makes Podium and its new raft of recently announced partners in digital innovation, so transformative.

At this year’s Lendlease annual conference,
Autonomous21, the most progressive minds in the property and data realms intersected to collaborate on digital futures for the built environment. At the heart of each path forward was the primacy of data in the discourse. The series of partnerships announced with Google, Accenture, Schindler Group, Stora Enso and Johnson Controls solidified the core movement to align the industry into a new frontier that ensures a greener, cleaner, healthier built future.

The places of the future won’t be judged by how technologically advanced they are, but by how well they adapt to the changes in interdependencies of the built world, by how well they learn, adapt and respond to the needs of the people and the natural environment,” explains Lendlease Digital CEO, William Ruh. This is the Lendlease vision for building innovation, the
Autonomous Buildings vision.

In order for the future proofed built environment to be adaptive, responsive and work in unparalleled collaborative ways, data is the key.

People don’t want smart buildings, people want smart outcomes”, Ruh states. As our collective communities develop plans for climate change solutions and post pandemic futures, the use of data and multi-level extensions like IoT will help shape our responses to challenges more than ever before.

Futurist Dr. Timothy Chou, Stanford Cloud Computing Lecturer and Blackbaud Board Member, concurs adding, that “if Covid has taught us anything, it is that nothing is local. The experience of the pandemic has accelerated all our uses of technology, whether it is to watch movies or order essentials to driving a digitally led recovery in all industries.”

In establishing this data driven recovery and resurgence of the building industry in a new paradigm, Lendlease Digital and its partners have embarked on a collaborative journey with a clear and shared purpose to address four key aspects: sustainability, wellness, productivity and human experience.

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