Our vision is that the best places will be autonomously empowered by data and insights with predictive analytics that prioritise the human experiences, anticipating ever-changing user needs, whilst automatically optimising asset performance. Designed to be a light touch, passing by, unnoticed - almost taken for granted. Imagine walking into a building or place that is continually collecting data, running analytics and always learning to deliver you better outcomes. A digital concierge at the ready to empower you to make the important decisions. It understands you – it knows your preferences and needs, providing you with access to services, connection and choices. For the owner, a building which also anticipates service failures before they happen and fixes them just in time, adjusting services like heating or cooling, to ensure consistent comfort levels for people and continually seeking to personalise your space and services. Without you doing anything, we can deliver better experiences at the same time as finding the least cost pathway to net-zero carbon and better productivity.


Podium Asset Services improves the experience for people and the performance of assets for the benefits of customers, managers and owners. By finding better ways to source, deliver and manage resources, we are helping to improve the long-term environmental impact on places such as achieving a 6-Star Green Star rating. Indeed, reduced resource consumption and improvements in productivity, creates the foundation for environmentally, high performing buildings and places. This commitment to sustainable infrastructure creates an enduring legacy for the asset owners and managers to enjoy alongside the customers who benefit from a variety of services well into the future.  This commitment to sustainable infrastructure creates an enduring legacy for the asset owners and managers to enjoy alongside the customers who benefit from a variety of services well into the future. We do this by reimagining infrastructure such as energy and mobility with digital products and services that enable a place to become smart, connected and green. In the first instance, Podium works with developers to digitally improve the design and enables infrastructure for places. We improve the nature of assets using Podium’s capabilities. We are focussed on managing the complexity of building utilities and precinct infrastructure while delivering better customer experiences and predictable returns for the asset owners.  Podium Asset Services is best placed to manage an integrated offering on behalf of all stakeholders and eco-system partners, consistently providing the quality of service and asset performance which customers, managers and owners have come to expect from the Podium suite of product and services. We will provide you with the tools to harvest the benefits of autonomous buildings and places, offering first-class, integrated asset management services.


Today, Podium Asset Services provides leading developments in Australia, United Kingdom, Europe and the United States with: integrated, infrastructure master planning for precincts that enable better outcomes for buildings and places through smarter assets and economies of scale the origination of new business models and innovations which make sunk cost infrastructure economical, reducing the costs for developers designs and managed solutions that improve the performance and total cost of ownership for asset and infrastructure owners delivery of infrastructure and services to enable building managers to achieve sustainability targets, such as net zero carbon and being capable of being water positive confidence for consumers that all of the utilities and services, such as heating or cooling, will be economically and environmentally sustainable a strategic asset manager who can provide a suite of products and services to enable the next project or building to become the next ‘Best Place’ Our Asset Services include Energy solutions that improve the efficiency of buildings and lighting, empowering customers and residents to be energy efficient, using onsite renewable energy such as solar panels, district cooling and heating to reduce the carbon footprint, and planning for increased electrification by using batteries and preparing for the increased use of electric vehicles. Managing the entire water cycle, to ensure we preserve precious drinking water by capturing, reusing and recycling rain, storm and waste water to enable parks, gardens and greens spaces to be watered all year round. Contributing to the development and delivery of local sustainability strategies for building owners and managers to achieve important, responsible, investment criteria (e.g. NABERS and Green Star ratings) within both the design and operation of assets. Working with regulators and investors to ‘raise the bar’ for sustainability within the built environment, seeking the least cost pathway to net zero carbon. Development of smart places through fibre that connects people, buildings and assets; allowing for the collection of data and creating insights that can improve customer experiences and the performance of places, buildings and assets for customers, residents, managers and owners. Helping the next project or building to become the next Best Place with a critical aim of selecting the best partners, taking the long term view, so that we can work together to make a difference for customers, residents, managers and owners.

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We would love to hear from you! Please call Podium Asset Services on: 1300 723068 or email us at [email protected]

In the event of an emergency where there is risk to life or property, please contact 000 in the first instance.
Please note the following emergency contacts for the Barangaroo South Green Utilities. These contacts are to be used in the event of a fault or outage.

Company Position Contact
Veolia Energy Solutions 24/7 Customer Service Centre 1800 325 542
Stowe Australia 24/7 Emergency Response Line 02 4720 2222
Barangaroo South Green Utilities Operations Manager 0409 913 746

Our Customers at Barangaroo South

Our largest development at Barangaroo South is a 7.5-hectare mixed-use precinct that includes commercial towers, residential, retail and dining areas. The site located on the north western edge of the Sydney Central Business District and Sydney Harbour, comprises more than 2.4 hectares of public park space and is home to around 2,000 residents and 23,000 workers.

Regulatory Compliance

Podium Asset Services has been established as a private utility company, providing a variety of utility services to residents, tenants and building managers.

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