We support energy productivity to realise substantial and measurable economic and sustainability benefits.

We assess energy demands, ensure reliable supply and services and future-proof systems to take advantage of emerging technologies as they become commercially viable. We continue to be focussed on the development and delivery of local sustainability strategies for not only Lendlease, but our developers and building managers, to achieve key, investment criteria (such as NABERS and Green Star ratings) - within both the design and operation of assets.

Our services include:

  • Advanced investigations on data - from consumer behaviour programs and smart community infrastructure to the impact of demand response-enabled devices (DREDs) on network utilisation 
  • Procure and supply energy at the best price, implement energy efficiency infrastructure and measures, and actively manage demand 
  • Create methodologies to assess and tailor energy solutions to meet future consumer demands, as well as advise on strategies to meet sustainability targets such as Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions, energy-efficient building materials, and initiatives and transport issues 
  • Provide trusted advice on regulatory requirements, saving precious time and resources

Regulatory Compliance

Podium Asset Services has been established as a private utility company, providing a variety of utility services to residents, tenants and building managers.