Our aim is to enable businesses and people to take advantage of the latest technologies in ultra-high-speed networks that keep people ahead of the curve.

We ensure the efficient delivery of high-performing Fibre to a precinct’s network, supporting this by constantly market testing and looking at the broader industry to make sure we retain our position, assess new approaches and push innovation. We focus on new ideas which are customer centric and in line with an Investor’s vision. Fibre network optimisation brings many opportunities and reduces a number of sunk costs. This includes:

a. Network convergence – this is the practice of rationalising multiple disparate networks to a single combined network. Not only does this reduce capex as a result of procuring fewer networks and lower labour costs but, the single network equals reduced operating costs too. 
b. Fastest residential internet connections available in Australia. Defined pathway to ITU XGS-PON (10 Gbps).

As Lendlease and Podium Asset Services continue to design with the evolution of place in mind, it’s critical that we select partners which take a long-term view so that we can work together to design, develop, deliver, operate and maintain our solutions efficiently and productively. In Australia, we have appointed Opticomm, an independent, licensed Telecommunications carrier specialising in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) network solutions for new residential and business developments to assist with our aim: to truly realise the Lendlease goal of creating the best places to live, work and play.

Regulatory Compliance

Podium Asset Services has been established as a private utility company, providing a variety of utility services to residents, tenants and building managers.