We originate, fund, design, deliver and operate utility solutions for water. This includes:

  • Examining the entire water cycle to find new and viable ways to capture, recycle and reuse water 
  • Conserve high quality drinking water 
  • Produce fit-for-purpose recycled water for watering gardens, flushing toilets and washing clothes 
  • Irrigate parks, gardens and sports fields to improve the environment and foster a collective sense of wellbeing 
  • Provide residents and businesses with efficient, affordable and reliable water services 
  • Enable buildings to achieve higher sustainability ratings under NABERS scheme 
  • Secure supplies to buildings by recycling more sustainable sources of water, enabling a more resilient approach to seasonal constraints

Regulatory Compliance

Podium Asset Services has been established as a private utility company, providing a variety of utility services to residents, tenants and building managers.