Barangaroo South - Our Investors and Building Managers

Barangaroo South for our Investors.

Podium Asset Services delivered by Lendlease owns and operates Barangaroo South’s precinct scale utilities which deliver resource efficiency right into the heart of the development. As such, we contribute to making Barangaroo South an attractive place for people to live, work and play.

By finding better ways to source, deliver and manage resources, we are helping to improve the long term environmental impact of the precinct which is key to achieving a 6-Star Green Star rating. 

Indeed, reduced resource consumption creates the foundation for environmentally high performing buildings. This commitment to sustainable utilities creates an enduring legacy for the precinct and creates confidence for our investors into the future.

We are also focused on managing the complexity of precinct infrastructure while delivering sustainable and predictable returns. Living Utilities is the best placed service provider to manage this infrastructure on behalf of all stakeholders, consistently providing quality of service and performance to a Investor/Building Manager’s assets.


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