Our Customers at Barangaroo South

Podium Asset Services delivered by Lendlease has been established as a private utility company, providing a variety of utility services to residents, tenants and building managers.

Our largest development at Barangaroo South is a 7.5-hectare mixed-use precinct that includes commercial towers, residential, retail and dining areas. The site located on the north western edge of the Sydney Central Business District and Sydney Harbour, comprises more than 2.4 hectares of public park space and is home to around 2,000 residents and 23,000 workers.

Underpinning the commercial precinct is a two-level basement which houses a recycled water plant, a centralised chilled water plant for air conditioning and the site’s embedded electrical network – which is owned and operated by Podium Asset Services.

We have invested in assets such as district cooling, recycled water systems, solar panels, fibre solutions and an open embedded electricity network, not only to provide services such as thermal energy, cooling and water but also to enable a six star rated community with key features such as being water net positive.

We invite you to explore this site as a Resident, Commercial/Retail tenant or Investor/Building Manager to find out more information


  • The equivalent of 5,300 ten-minute showers can be saved every day at Barangaroo South in Sydney thanks to our District Cooling Plant chillers, which are cooled by seawater
  • 31 Tonnes is The weight of 33kV copper cables, covering about 18.5km, that have been installed to transmit electricity around the Barangaroo South Stage 1A project
  • 70 Olympic-sized swimming pools of water can be given back to the CBD neighbourhood through a year’s operation of our Recycled Water Treatment Plant at Barangaroo

In the event of an emergency where there is risk to life or property, please contact 000 in the first instance.

Please note the following emergency contacts for the Barangaroo South Green Utilities. These contacts are to be used in the event of a fault or outage. 

Company Position Contact
Veolia Energy Solutions  24/7 Customer Service Centre 1800 325 542
Stowe Australia 24/7 Emergency Response Line 02 4720 2222
Barangaroo South Green Utilities Operations Manager 0409 913 746


Cooling is provided centrally through the district cooling plant located in the basement of the precinct. Each building, workplace, retailer and residency is automatically connected.


A recycled water plant : Up to 1 million litres of recycled water is provided to the precinct and its surrounds.


As part of the carbon neutral aspirations of the precinct, solar cells have been installed on the roof of most of the buildings within Barangaroo. Common areas are partially powered by locally generated energy from the solar panels.


Barangaroo South has its own private open embedded network providing the electrical network services (‘poles and wires’) for the precinct. Electricity retailers selected will access this infrastructure for Barangaroo South.


Lendlease has chosen Opticomm to provide Fibre to the Premises within Barangaroo South. This network delivers ultra-high speed internet, telephone and television services through the preferred Internet service provider.