Barangaroo South - Our Residential Customers

Welcome Barangaroo South Residents. Here you will find information about our utilities infrastructure at Barangaroo, known as ‘Green Utilities’, and how we indirectly service your residence. Green Utilities refers collectively to the three service companies which operate the Barangaroo South precinct infrastructure utilities called Lendlease Recycled Water (LLRW), Lendlease Chilled Water (LLCW) and the Lendlease Embedded Network (LLEN).

Barangaroo South precinct infrastructure utilities include a district cooling plant, a recycled water plant, solar power generation and an embedded electricity network.

Podium Asset Services delivered by Lendlease is the parent company that owns and manages the Green Utilities to assist the precinct to achieve its sustainability targets. Whilst we maintain oversight over Green Utilities (i.e the precinct infrastructure utilities), we do not provide retail services to individual apartments (e.g. Internet, gas, potable water). Tenants and residents still have to make their own arrangements with utility retail service providers to get connected to those services.

We have provided more information and links below to all of the information you will need to know as a Residential Customer at Barangaroo South. 


As one of our most valuable resources, we are always looking to find new and viable ways to capture, use, recycle and reuse water for the benefit of our residents such as Recycled Water & Wastewater and Sewer Services.


This is one of the sustainable systems put in place to ensure the water positive impact of the Barangaroo South precinct meaning the air conditioning in your apartments is provided centrally, through the district cooling plant, located in the basement on the precinct.


Barangaroo South has its own private open embedded network and Lendlease Embedded Network provides the electrical network services (‘poles and wires’) for the precinct. Once you have selected your electricity retailer of choice, they use this infrastructure to supply the electricity that you use at your residence.


Lendlease has chosen Opticomm to provide Fibre to the Premises to all apartments at Barangaroo South. This network delivers ultra-high speed internet, telephone and television services to your residence through your chosen Internet service provider.


As part of the carbon neutral aspirations of the precinct, solar cells have been installed on the roof of most of the buildings and Alexander and Anadara are no exceptions.


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