2021 World Changing Idea

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Fast Company

Fast Company has recognised Lendlease Podium as a ‘World Changing Idea’ in the Software category! This award honours products, concepts, companies, policies, and designs that are pursuing innovation for the good of society and the planet. From design automation to connecting the supply chain and delivering data driven insights, Lendlease Podium is creating the foundation of a new, productive future for the property industry.
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Word from Bill

"Productivity in the construction industry has fallen by 19%, while the average productivity across other industries has increased by 153%. Undoubtedly, the time to lead our industry is now – and Lendlease is uniquely positioned to do so, being one of the few organisations in the world who operate across the entire real estate value chain. The goal is to innovate at speed. Already, through the power of data and digital technology, Lendlease Podium is propelling our industry on the pathway to autonomous buildings, and ultimately toward a safer, more productive and sustainable future.”


  • Lendlease Podium, a first-of-its-kind digital property lifecycle platform, launched on 30 June 2020.

  • Using Lendlease’s proprietary Contextual Universal Building System (CUBS) and AI capability, Lendlease Podium can create a digital twin of a building i.e. it can self-generate a digital version of a building at a 1:1 scale. This feature was recently deployed for the Milan Innovation District (MIND) project. Lendlease Podium reduced the typical design duration by 60% and contributed to a design resource saving of 70%. 

  • Lendlease Podium can also align design goals with sustainability outcomes. Its goal seeking functionality helps unlock the lowest cost paths to net zero carbon precincts. Recently, a digital twin was created to test and determine the viability of building a multistorey complex from sustainable timber in Melbourne, Australia. While this timber had been used previously in construction, it had not been tested in high rise buildings (in this case, a 29-story apartment tower). 

  • Lendlease Podium enables ongoing innovation in materials and sustainable designs to be modelled, validated and optimised in digital form, before the building is physically built.
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Behind the name

“At the heart of every great place, there’s a podium.” The ‘podium’ is the foundation and basis of any project. It’s the strength that underpins a great structure. And it’s a place that celebrates success – bringing people together.