Opinion Piece: Five Ways to Increase Employee Sentiment

Hybrid work has fundamentally changed how employees interact with their offices. As a result, Workplace Managers are facing new challenges when it comes to bridging the gap between home and the traditional office to create an ideal employee experience. With a data-driven tool like Podium Property Insights, which captures and reviews employee sentiment, managers are able to create innovative solutions and policies for both team and individual needs leading to better experiences.

Here are five solutions Workplace Managers can implement at the office so employers feel they are making the commute count for their employees.

  1. Booking the right space

For hybrid work to be successful, Workplace Managers must be transparent about the impact of occupancy and attendance on available space within the office. Workplace Managers need to know exactly what’s available and when in terms of individual workspaces and conference rooms, so teams can work effectively and know that they will get the space they need when they show up.

  1. Creating a healthy and safe environment

To further attract employees back into the office, environmental sensors can monitor the performance and behavior of the building to ensure employee safety, health, comfort and well-being. Real-time sensors can monitor a range of attributes to track these metrics in real-time, including air quality, temperature, lighting, noise, humidity, air pressure and more.

  1. Easy access to technology

Video calls have changed the way we do business. Having proper supporting tech – headsets, monitors, and projectors. It is an essential part of daily work life that needs to be readily available. People have invested significant amounts of money in their home office over the last few years and expect the same, if not better, when they go into the office.

  1. Knowing who’s coming in

While impossible to know the individual needs of every employee, Workplace Managers should understand the habits and patterns that drive attendance. Data obtained from occupancy sensors can provide real-time visibility on attendance, while predictive modeling can help with adapting office layouts to promote flexibility and collaboration.

  1. A single view of your workplace

When it comes to managing their employees’ experiences, the sheer amount of web portals and apps available can overwhelm Workplace Managers. With one intuitive tool that shows the building data needed to improve employees’ experience, managers can efficiently track, monitor, and report on initiatives that enhance the work environment.

A highly functioning hybrid workplace combines these five ideas to optimize when, where and how space is being used. These simple, data-driven ideas will enable Workplace Managers to enjoy an easier transition to hybrid work and set themselves up well to adapt to future changes.

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