We are changing the foundation of the built world.

Lendlease Podium is a digital platform providing the property industry with data and insights. Harnessing over 60 years of applied experience, the platform offers customised solutions across the supply chain.

Why Podium?

“At the heart of every great place, there’s a podium.” The ‘podium’ is the foundation and basis of any project. It’s the strength that underpins a great structure. And it’s a place that celebrates success – bringing people together.

Lendlease Builds Great Places. Image

Lendlease Builds Great Places.

To inspire and shape cities, create connected communities and deliver workplaces of the future, right around the world.

And Now We're Creating Digital Infrastructure. Image

And Now We're Creating Digital Infrastructure.

Taking the real estate industry to a new level, taking the existing data and understanding valuable insights.

Taking The First Step Moving To Cloud! Image

Taking The First Step Moving To Cloud!

Leading by example, Lendlease Digital has taken the first step by partnering up with Google Cloud!

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