Bankwest Stadium Case Study


1. The opportunity for Bankwest Stadium

Bankwest Stadium is a 30,000 seat stadium in Parramatta, Greater Western Sydney. Opened in 2019, it was designed and built to deliver a world-class experience for sporting, entertainment, business, community and cultural events. The challenge for the stadium was to transform the fan experience by amplifying the intensity of live sport and entertainment, and bring fans closer to the action than ever before.

Bankwest Stadium took the opportunity to transform the live event experience for fans from analog to digital. With home entertainment systems becoming increasingly sophisticated, accessible and affordable, fans expectations of live event experiences were changing.

Bankwest Stadium understood that entertainment arenas and sporting venues that weren’t able to beat the convenience and personalised experience of at-home entertainment were at risk of losing their existing fans, of not securing the next generation and of missing out on the opportunities offered by the digital economy.

2. How Podium delivered by Lendlease enabled Bankwest Stadium to transform the experience for their fans from analog to digital and by doing so, enticed patrons to choose a live entertainment experience at Bankwest Stadium over the experience they could get from their couch

Bankwest Stadium’s ambition to transform the live entertainment experience was enabled by Podium Integration Services who assess, design, install and manage data networks within commercial buildings and stadiums.

Podium designed and delivered the digital infrastructure at Bankwest Stadium to place fans at the centre of the live event experience. Bankwest patrons now benefit from an experience that is personalised, mobile and social.

With next gen video walls, nearly 600 screens scattered around the stadium, high quality wi-fi, a 360 degree digital ribbon that injects colour and atmosphere as well as a speaker system that includes more than 20 speaker clusters delivering perfect sounds, Podium’s solution creates a lasting impression for fans. The live event is made even more immersive with various feeds within the stadium giving fans visibility from multiple angles. Unparalleled wi-fi and mobile coverage enhances the experience even further, enabling fans to watch scenes from externally acquired broadcast channels throughout the venue, ensuring that no moment is ever missed. Patrons can stream high definition video in real-time from any source.

Through unparalleled wi-fi connectivity, fans can share their highlights across social media with friends and family who aren’t at the live event.

With a screen at every vantage point, fans don’t miss any of the action regardless of where they are at the stadium, which means that there is no risk of missing a special moment as you step away from the arena to purchase food and beverages, or visit amenities. And if you opt in, your favourite scenes can even be displayed for you as you walk past the many screens that are between your seat and the food outlet.

Fans in luxury suites can enjoy new levels of control. The new sound system for example, allows fans to dial up the crowd noise for their team.

For Bankwest Stadium, Podiums solutions created opportunities for new revenue streams, through unique advertising and sponsorship offerings, as well as dynamic, concession and merchandising solutions. As fans enjoy the live event, Bankwest Stadium can combine custom greetings and real time promotions with video to deliver customised, time specific communications to their patrons.

3. A cost effective, efficient, digital solution that keeps the fans coming back

As the way that people live, work and play changes, so must the way that we design and operate buildings, precincts, neighbourhoods and stadiums. At the heart of this change for Lendlease is Podium, creating clarity and performance never experienced before.

For Bankwest Stadium, Podium has created a solution that delivers an exceptional experience for the fans who are overwhelmingly positive about the new digitally enabled personal, social and mobile live event experience.

At the same time, Bankwest Stadium benefits from a cost effective, efficient, digital solution that keeps the fans coming back for a range of sport, entertainment, corporate and community experiences, all the while creating new business opportunities for the venue.

Podium is Lendlease’s property lifecycle platform incorporating digital products and services which harness 60 years of applied experience. The platform creates a powerful solution providing the industry with insights, clarity and performance never experienced before.