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  • 30 Jun 2021
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Lendlease has a proud history of innovation and recognises the physical environment is only one aspect of what makes a great place.


Lendlease has a proud history of innovation and recognises the physical environment is only one aspect of what makes a great place. Invisible elements such as digital technology and data are providing significant opportunities to enhance the places we create and experiences we provide.

Our unique approach ensures we do not only focus on the 'what' and 'how' of digital technology, but importantly the 'why', directly responding to the changes in how we are all choosing to live, work, shop, learn and connect. Lendlease exists to create extraordinary places and experiences for people. We pride ourselves on creating places that are a destination, allowing people to be themselves, to be effective, curious and creative, to collaborate, feel good, follow their purpose and have an impact.

"Companies must start justifying their worth to society, with greater emphasis placed on environmental and social impact rather than straight economics."
Dick Dusseldorp, Founder of Lendlease, 1973.

Whilst for several years we've been designing great places underpinned by the digital technology and data what we've learned is that our customers don’t want smart places and buildings. What our customers truly want is smart place and building outcomes. People want places that embody a sense of pride, that foster a vibrant community to organically grow and thrive. People want buildings to have no negative impact on the environment, provide optimal comfort, superior air quality and lighting enabling them to be productivity and leave healthier than when they arrived.

Our goal is to create places that are healthy, sustainable, operationally efficient, enhance experience and enrich lives. To deliver on this vision, we not only leverage the latest digital technologies within the built environment, but importantly we are using our unique talent and experience to create new digital products, services and platforms that will support and accelerate us achieve this vision. We've believe that by combining an innovative mindset, our unique end-to-end capabilities, talent and expertise with new digital technologies and data, we will remain a global leader in place creation for our customers of today and tomorrow.



Places shouldn’t be judged by how technologically advanced they are, but by how well they dynamically adapt and respond to the needs and desires of people and environment. The places we create are becoming inherently data driven, they will self-learn and be continuously aware. Most importantly, these places will evolve to become more human centred and experience-led – the principle on which every place we create is designed. Whilst the places we create will include more sophisticated technology, it will become increasingly invisible and seamless to the end user.

Experience shows that the best outcomes are always achieved through collaboration. Lendlease has a dedicated technology team working across the property lifecycle committed to making the built world greener, healthier, safer and more user centric. The team proudly works with internal and external development, construction, investment and asset management customers helping reinvent the relationship between people, place and technology. With experience spanning multiple sectors including office, retail, residential, healthcare, stadiums, hotels and defence the team are helping our customers transform the world in which we live and achieve positive outcomes including:

       optimising processes across the entire life cycle, minimising operational, energy and maintenance costs through predictive maintenance and adaptive control.

       improving the health and wellbeing of people through continuous, data-driven monitoring and management of systems and environmental conditions.

       helping people to connect and build a thriving community, increasing effectiveness and productivity, and enabling more seamless interactions with the built world. Providing services and experiences that enrich people’s lives beyond the built world.

      achieving world leading sustainability metrics that are fundamentally important to creating a world of carbon neutrality. Having a clear purpose and sense of social responsibility.

    creating places that are flexible and adaptable to meet evolving market conditions and customer needs through capturing and analysing valuable data on how places are used by people.


As an example, Salesforce Tower in Sydney will be intelligent from the ground up, it will become an inspiring and connected new home for Salesforce positively reflecting on the brand whilst stimulating co-creation, creativity and professional excellence.

It will benefit from unparalleled digital connectivity including a common, secure, high-speed fibre network, fast and reliable internet, and 5G ready voice and data infrastructure, as testified by its WiredScore Platinum certification. This empowers teams to work freely from anywhere in the building and its surrounding, enabling them to have a flexible and effective worklife experience. It further ensures that its occupants benefit from high levels of resilience and flexibility.

A building services integration platform will enable centralised monitoring and control as well as the collection and analysis of data from thousands of IoT sensors that monitor light, CO2, noise, temperature, humidity and occupancy delivering energy efficiency and a range of other environmental and health benefits.

Podium is Lendlease’s property lifecycle platform incorporating digital products and services which harness 60 years of applied experience. The platform creates a powerful solution providing the industry with insights, clarity and performance never experienced before.

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