Chapter 10: Sustainability: Driving Sustainable Practices

In the pursuit of reaching Absolute Zero and combating climate change, it is imperative that we address the environmental impact of buildings. Accounting for approximately 40% of global emissions, buildings hold significant potential for reducing carbon footprints. To achieve this, a fundamental shift in behaviour and the utilisation of building services is essential. This is where Podium Property Insights comes into play, offering a powerful tool to drive sustainable practices and reduce operating costs.

At its core, Podium Property Insights is a data-driven platform that empowers building owners and managers with valuable information about space utilisation and its correlation with climate-changing factors such as electricity, water, waste, and gas consumption. By understanding how people interact with a space and the corresponding impact on resource consumption, real-time insights can be obtained, enabling informed decision-making.

One of the key advantages of Podium Property Insights is its ability to identify patterns and trends in resource consumption. With detailed analytics and reporting, building owners can pinpoint areas of inefficiency and wastage. For example, the platform may reveal that certain areas are consistently over-lit or over-heated, leading to unnecessary energy consumption. Armed with this information, adjustments can be made to optimise resource utilisation and reduce operating costs.

Moreover, Podium Property Insights offers a comprehensive view of resource consumption across various building systems. It enables the identification of outliers or anomalies that may indicate equipment malfunctions, leaks, or other inefficiencies. Promptly addressing these issues can result in significant cost savings, as well as a more sustainable and comfortable environment for occupants.

In addition to reducing operating costs, the platform promotes sustainable practices by fostering awareness and accountability. Accessible dashboards and reports allow stakeholders to visualise their resource consumption and understand the direct impact of their actions. This transparency encourages individuals to make conscious choices and take responsibility for their environmental footprint. By engaging building occupants in this way, Podium Property Insights creates a culture of sustainability and collective action.

Furthermore, Podium Property Insights facilitates benchmarking and goal-setting. By comparing resource consumption across different buildings or time periods, owners and managers can identify best practices and set ambitious targets for improvement. This data-driven approach motivates continuous optimisation, leading to long-term sustainability gains and reduced carbon emissions.

In conclusion, Podium Property Insights provides an invaluable solution to drive sustainable practices and reduce operating costs in buildings. By leveraging data to understand space utilisation and its correlation with resource consumption, building owners and managers can make informed decisions, identify inefficiencies, and optimise resource utilisation. This leads to tangible cost savings while actively contributing to the fight against climate change.