Chapter 2: Reduce Operating Costs

In today's competitive business landscape, reducing operating costs is a top priority for property owners and managers. One of the most significant challenges faced in this regard is optimising space occupancy and utilisation. With space occupancy levels still not back to pre-pandemic levels, many businesses are grappling with the burden of maintaining and operating underutilised spaces. However, with the introduction of Podium Property Insights, property owners now have access to invaluable data that can revolutionise cost-saving strategies while preserving the quality of their space and overall experience.

Data-driven Space Optimisation:

Podium Property Insights provides property owners with actionable data on space occupancy and utilisation patterns. By analysing this data, businesses can gain a comprehensive understanding of how their spaces are being used throughout different times of the day, week, or month. Armed with this information, property owners can make informed decisions to close down unutilised spaces during non-peak times, significantly reducing energy costs, maintenance expenses, and operational overheads associated with dead space.

Optimising Space Sharing:

Another key feature of Podium Property Insights is the ability to enable space sharing among various entities. By leveraging the platform, property owners can connect with other businesses or individuals looking for temporary or flexible space solutions. This innovative approach not only helps generate additional revenue streams but also ensures that space is utilised to its maximum potential, further minimising operating costs. By accommodating different organisations or professionals, property owners can create a vibrant and collaborative environment that enhances the overall place experience for everyone involved.

Cost Reduction without Compromising Experience:

One of the primary concerns while reducing operating costs is ensuring that the quality of the space and overall experience is not compromised. Podium Property Insights allows property owners to achieve this delicate balance. By strategically subletting unoccupied spaces during non-peak hours or sharing space with compatible users, businesses can effectively reduce costs while preserving the essence and functionality of their spaces. Whether it's a co-working environment, commercial building, or any other property, Podium Property Insights empowers property owners to make data-driven decisions that prioritise cost efficiency without sacrificing the overall experience.


In the face of uncertain economic conditions and changing work patterns, property owners must proactively seek innovative solutions to reduce operating costs. Podium Property Insights offers an invaluable resource that allows property owners to optimise space utilisation, reduce maintenance expenses, and generate additional revenue through space sharing. By leveraging the power of data and making informed decisions, businesses can shrink their costs while maintaining an exceptional place experience for tenants, visitors, and employees. With Podium Property Insights, property owners have the tools they need to thrive in today's dynamic and cost-conscious environment.