Chapter 9 - Generate Ancillary Value

Maximising Revenue Potential: Repurposing Spaces for Profit

In today's competitive business landscape, property owners and managers are constantly seeking innovative ways to optimise their operating costs and generate additional revenue streams. One effective strategy for achieving these goals is through the repurposing of underutilised spaces within commercial buildings. By leveraging the power of Podium Property Insights, property owners can accurately forecast when floors within their buildings will be available, opening up opportunities to generate ancillary revenue and reduce operating costs. In this article, we will explore how Podium Property Insights can help transform idle spaces into profitable ventures.

Identify Underutilised Periods:

Just like the popular house rule in Monopoly that accumulates money in Free Parking, many organisations experience periods throughout the week when their spaces remain vacant and unused. By leveraging Podium Property Insights, property owners can pinpoint these idle periods with accuracy. Whether it's the quiet Mondays or Fridays, this knowledge allows property owners to take proactive steps to repurpose these spaces, ensuring they are not going to waste.

Flex Space Opportunities:

One lucrative option for repurposing underutilised spaces is by providing flex space to other organisations within the building. Businesses often require temporary offices or meeting rooms for various purposes, such as client presentations, project collaborations, or training sessions. By leveraging Podium Property Insights, property owners can proactively market these available spaces to potential tenants, creating a win-win situation where the property owner generates additional revenue while tenants gain access to much-needed flexible working environments.

Monetise as a Retail Environment:

Another way to maximise revenue is by transforming idle spaces into retail environments. With Podium Property Insights' accurate forecasting, property owners can identify periods when foot traffic is high or when nearby businesses experience peak demand. By converting vacant spaces into pop-up shops or temporary retail spaces, property owners can attract retailers looking for short-term opportunities, generate rental income, and enhance the overall customer experience within the building.

Unlock an Education Environment:

Podium Property Insights can also help property owners identify opportunities to create education environments within their buildings. Many educational institutions, training centres, or workshops require dedicated spaces for their programs. By repurposing underutilised areas, property owners can collaborate with educational providers, offering a convenient location for learning and training activities. This not only generates additional revenue but also positions the property as an attractive destination for individuals seeking educational opportunities.

Support Startups and Innovation:

Startups and innovative ventures often struggle to find affordable spaces that cater to their unique needs. By leveraging Podium Property Insights, property owners can identify periods when certain spaces are available and offer them as incubation hubs for startups and entrepreneurs. This mutually beneficial arrangement provides startups with a conducive environment to grow while allowing property owners to generate revenue from previously unoccupied areas.

Podium Property Insights offers a powerful solution for property owners to reduce operating costs and generate additional revenue by repurposing underutilised spaces. By accurately forecasting availability, property owners can explore options like flex spaces, retail environments, education environments, and startup hubs. Embracing these opportunities not only helps maximise revenue but also enhances the overall appeal and utilisation of commercial buildings. With Podium Property Insights, property owners can transform idle periods into thriving, profit-generating ventures.