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Lendlease Podium Crowned 'Innovation' Leader At iTnews Benchmark Awards

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  • 13 Jul 2022
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  • Lendlease
  • Podium
Lendlease celebrated the limelight recently at the 2022 iTnews Benchmark Awards, scoring the coveted KPMG Innovation Award for its efforts to modernise the property industry by transforming the design, construction and operation of buildings.

Through the use of Podium - the property lifecycle platform incorporating a portfolio of digital products and services - Lendlease is on a path to connect previously siloed data across the property value chain, according to Jasna Sims, Lendlease Digital's head of market development, who spoke to iTnews earlier this year. 

Considered the enabler of the autonomous buildings of tomorrow, Podium aims to simplify the complex interdependencies in the built world by connecting three main data sources: development, construction and operation data. 

A Podium software tool, for example, connects data from building hardware, assets and enterprise systems. Through the use of previously disconnected data, the goal is to supercharge the development of multiple building designs in a bid to vastly improve human performance, kick goals on the sustainability front, and bolster the consumer/occupant experience. 

Take, for example, some recent numbers and key outcomes: Lendlease estimates the Podium platform reduced schedules by 45 days, and dramatically reduced construction costs by $2 million during a pilot project to construct a multi-storey apartment building. 

According to iTnews, Lendlease Podium scored top marks - as part of the Innovation Award - for: 

  • Deploying digital thinking, skills and capabilities;
  • Combining business, IT, innovation and digital project teams into one business; 
  • Hiring IT workers from other sectors - like automotive - to discover different digitised work processes; and 
  • Adopting modern technology development practices, and using early adopter groups to pilot Podium and promote its use across Lendlease globally.

“The ability to do this is all about talent, it's all about culture, it's all about how we work and how we behave,” Sims told iTnews. 

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