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Lendlease Scores 'Double Google Win' For Sustainability, Innovation

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Lendlease has scored a double award win from Google - clinching the top spot for ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Cross-Industry’ - as the property giant is recognised for delivering innovative solutions that make a positive impact on the environment, and harness the power of aggregate data and analysis to address the complex challenges that previously seemed insurmountable.

The accolades - part of the second annual Google Cloud Customer Awards - come as Lendlease is on a dedicated mission to contribute to building a better, more sustainable world, according to Lendlease Global Alliance Lead, Johann Kruse.

“Lendlease is committed to driving the evolution of our industry to be environmentally, socially and economically sustainable. Our challenge is to reduce carbon emissions while creating social value through sustainable design, delivery and operation of buildings and precincts,” Kruse said.

And “there’s no time like the present to commit audacious, world-changing goals,” according to Google, which revealed how the recent slate of award winners - including Lendlease - all demonstrated how sustainability projects can be instrumental in any business plan.

“Our goal is to reach Net Zero Carbon by 2025 and Absolute Zero Carbon by 2040. These targets have set a benchmark globally for our industry. In being recognised as an industry leader, Lendlease aims to use this competitive differentiator to partner with government, investors and the private sector that value Environmental Social Governance matters.

“With the support of Google and GCP technology, the Lendlease IT team aims to contribute to this goal by surfacing the environmental impact of technology choices and providing guidance on how to create more sustainable solutions.”

That’s why the ‘Sustainability’ award - introduced for the first time this year as part of the ‘technology for good’ category - is so noteworthy, Kruse said, as it celebrates Lendlease’s efforts in driving sustainability internally; while the ‘Cross-Industry’ award is equally significant as it recognises the company’s efforts in harnessing the power of Podium in the market to improve the communities that Lendlease and Google operate in, and to uplift the entire property industry.

Certainly, Kruse said Lendlease is taking action to make a positive impact on the environment, and working to address the pressing challenge of climate change.

“We are a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative and are committed to the continuous improvement of our operations to achieve sustainable outcomes. Our development business, for example, is committed to creating independently rated green certified precincts and buildings.”

And building secure solutions in the cloud that drive industry growth and environmental awareness is key - a top reason why Lendlease landed on the ‘Cross-Industry’ podium.

“Our cloud mission is to unlock the incredible array of on-demand GCP technologies, making it available to digital product teams and our business customers with minimal friction. To best support this, we've focused on enabling autonomy and self-governance at the product level.”


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