Today, I am delighted to launch to the world Podium.


The property and construction industry is complex. Processes, systems and supply chain and interdependent. There is a long time frame from the initial vision through to the time a place is operational.

Lendlease Digital exists today for one clear purpose: To Manage Interdependencies.

We do so with our new digital portfolio of products and services.

Introducing to you Podium, Lendlease’s new property lifecycle platform which incorporates digital products and services harnessing over 60 years of applied experience.

The platform provides the industry with Insights, Clarity and Performance never experienced before.

Ultimately, Podium is the enabler of autonomous buildings and the key to both the economic and sustainable ambitions of this industry.
We have four leading product and service portfolios as part of Podium. These are:
  • Podium Construction and Development
  • Podium Operation and Experiences
  • Podium Delivery Services
  • And Podium Web services
Our customer value proposition is simple. Clarity. Simplicity. Results

Podium, our new Property Lifecycle Platform.

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Podium is Lendlease’s property lifecycle platform incorporating digital products and services which harness 60 years of applied experience. The platform creates a powerful solution providing the industry with insights, clarity and performance never experienced before.