Meet Colin Dominish! Head of Podium Services at Lendlease Digital!

Can you please introduce yourself and provide a brief overview of your professional background and expertise?

I have more than 30 years' experience in executive leadership, business development, client relationship management and delivering strategic outcomes in a wide range of organisations and industries in many countries around the world. My IT and engineering background has always been focused on leading edge solutions that are transforming businesses by taking advantage of the latest developments in technology and business practices.

What inspired you to work in your field or industry?

The property industry is undergoing rapid change since the COVID pandemic disrupted the way in which people think about their use of place. Hybrid workplaces, the continuing rise of online retail, disruption in construction supply chains globally, and a shift from home ownership to build-to-rent are good examples of the changes occurring. These are small changes compared to what will come as the industry addresses climate change. With disruption comes opportunity for transformation. I’ve always gravitated towards the biggest examples of paradigm change in order to add the most value in managing industry pivots.

What specific topics will you be covering in the webinar?

Disruption in the property industry is requiring an uplift in the maturity of technology provided to navigate the change. The previous decade saw the introduction of Integrated Workplace Management Systems to leverage all of the data being produced by buildings and assist facilities and asset managers to improve building performance. The next decade will see a greater need to focus on the people within the building - as much, or even more, than the building performance. Connected Portfolio Intelligence Platforms provide the next evolution for the property industry to manage disruption in order to create places where communities thrive.

What are the main key points or insights you plan to share during the webinar?

Place is more about people than space. Data is the key to understanding how a building performs, and how people perform in it. Workplace and Asset Managers need to navigate a new path that sees Connected Portfolio Intelligence Platforms at the centre of their decision-making processes, so they can harness the value of the building, and the people in the building, to create the best places.

What are some common challenges or misconceptions related to the topics that you plan to address?

Workplace Managers often struggle to integrate a myriad of disparate data sets to provide new insights. Connected Portfolio Intelligence Platforms bring all the data into one homogenised environment to get a clearer picture on what is actually going on. Focusing on building performance AND focusing on the performance of people in building is key to doing so, but most organisations don’t spend enough effort in putting in place platforms to understand the latter. These platforms also provide simplified maintenance and reduced time to value through cloud-based deployment – making the platform easy for everyone to use.