Smarter Cities with Bill Ruh

How do you transform a company into a digital leader? This is something Lendlease’s Chief Digital Officer, William Ruh, has done multiple times. Bill joined the Smarter Cities Podcast to discuss the opportunities and challenges of creating new things in a corporate environment and why the future will be captured by firms that innovate and change.

Smarter Cities with Fiona de Jong

How do you brand a country? Why does a country need a brand? Fiona de Jong - Austrade's Acting Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Australia's Nation Brand - explains why in this episode of Smarter Cities.

Smarter Cities with Anne-Marie Elias

Environmental Social Governance (ESG) has become paramount in corporate and investment decision making and in the national discourse. The hope is that intense ESG focus across the global economy will lead to solutions for entrenched environmental, economic and social problems. But is this really happening?

Smarter Cities with Heba Elhanafy

Can we do cities better? Researcher Heba Elhanafy, and the American headquartered think tank the Charter Cities Institute, think so.

Heba joined Jason and the Smarter Cities Podcast from her office in Zambia, where she is working with African governments on creating new and better cities that work for people as well as deliver economic development.

Smarter Cities with Sarah Kay

Sarah Kay, Global Client lead at architecture firm Woods Bagot, joins Smarter Cities to talk about the business of architecture in changing cities and what is like to run an architecture practice with a global reach.

Smarter Cities With Russell Fortmeyer