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Design completely, deliver perfectly

We configure building designs with engineered solutions. Podium is a digital platform to enable DfMA by automating from design to supply.

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“P4D leverages computational algorithms and AI to generate a structural design in 15 to 20 minutes instead of the weeks involved using current methods.”

- Richard Kuppasamy, Chief Product Officer at Lendlease Podium

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Podium for Development

P4D is a digital platform that enables high productivity, sustainable, modern methods of design and construction.

Our platform accelerates design to supply by using design automation algorithms to match a DfMA ready ‘kit of parts’ to optimal design outcomes by reducing waste in time, cost and materials.

Podium for Development leverages the extensive property expertise from our founding partners, empowered by computational design and AI. We create an ecosystem where developers and designers can connect with suppliers to create better outcomes at speed and scale.

An open ecosystem for Platform DfMA

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Three core pillars

Our vision is to revolutionise the way design and construction are approached, making it faster, more sustainable, and highly productive. We are driven by three core pillars:


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