At Barangaroo you have your very own energy network. This means that the network which delivers electricity to your home, store or office is in a grid dedicated to Barangaroo South. This has advantages included the ability to bulk buy power for each of you at a heavily discounted price, the ability to roll out sustainable energy options such as solar quickly and efficiency of energy management in peak periods.

Sea Water Cooling

Cooling is provided centrally through the district cooling plant located in the basement of the precinct. Each building, workplace, retailer and residency is automatically connected. Together we are saving the equivalent of 5,300 ten-minute every day.

Recycled Water

Up to 1 million litres of recycled water is provided to the precinct and its surrounds. Each year that is 70 Olympic sized swimming pools worth of water saved every year.

Solar Energy

Solar cells have been installed on the roof of most of the buildings within Barangaroo. Common areas are partially powered by locally generated solar energy.


Ultra high speed internet, telephone and television services can be accessed through your preferred internet provider. We have already set up a high speed fibre network right to your premises in partnership with Opticomm.

Waste Vegetable Oil floor heating

Waste vegetable oil from our restaurants is converted into energy, powering the heating in some buildings. Cool right!


By removing cooling towers from the top of our buildings, we have made space for the newest members of our community. Welcome the Insect Hotels, home to a community of happy, healthy bees. A thriving ecosystem is an ecosystem where bees buzz best.


In the event of an emergency where there is risk to life or property, please contact 000 in the first instance.

Please note the following emergency contacts for the Barangaroo South Green Utilities. These contacts are to be used in the event of a fault or outage. 

Company Position Contact
Veolia Energy Solutions  24/7 Customer Service Centre 1800 325 542


I am a resident, retailer or commercial tenant. Help me with my question please?


Coming soon: We know sometimes you have questions relating to your utility provision and consumption. Events for you and your neighbours - whether you are a resident, retailer or tenant, will kick off in 2021. Watch this space!