Four Ways For Businesses to Decarbonise by Measuring Electricity And Gas Usage

Many businesses are becoming more aware of the impact electricity and gas have on our climate and are making a conscious effort to become more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint. But where and how exactly do businesses implement these sustainable measures? Podium Property Insights, a centralized software platform that connects data from building hardware, provides methods of monitoring energy usage to help businesses decarbonize.

Here are four ways businesses can reduce their carbon footprint by measuring electricity and gas usage:

  1. Installing eco-friendly light bulbs and motion sensors

Eco-friendly light bulbs add innumerable benefits to an office space. They are up to 80 percent more energy efficient than traditional lighting, such as fluorescent and incandescent lights, and this reduction in energy reduces carbon emissions. The lower electricity usage also helps to reduce electric bills, and the bulbs have a longer lifespan, requiring less maintenance. Motion sensors can also be used during off-peak hours to shut off lights when people are not around.

  1. Keeping lights off when not in use

Ensuring that unnecessary lights are off when they are not being used will lower both power output and the electricity bill. This means not turning on lights during hours of natural daylight, turning lights off in rooms that are not in use, or not lighting entire office spaces if only a portion of them are in use.

  1. Cutting down on waste

Understanding how much electricity each employee needs allows for better delegation of resources and better management of usage. With this data in hand, businesses can establish a quota that they can monitor to determine when their offices are exceeding necessary resources, therefore creating long-term solutions.

  1. Creating a comfortable climate

Climate sensors can be used to understand the number of people within a space at any given time. For example, they can adjust the temperature within the office, automatically increasing or decreasing as needed. This will eliminate unnecessary air conditioning usage and significantly reduce electricity output and help businesses reduce their overall carbon footprint.

As more businesses work towards reducing their carbon footprint and reach sustainability goals, having a deeper understanding of their electricity and gas usage is more important than ever.  A centralized platform like Podium Property Insights can help businesses gather and interpret data relating to energy use, making them attractive to current and prospective employees who care about a businesses commitment to combating climate change.

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