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Create Workspaces Where People and Business Thrive

Unlock insights to shape workplaces where people and business thrive. An end-to-end solution that seamlessly combines workplace and building data to drive actionable insights. Achieve your workplace objectives with data driven insights and technology.

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Capture The Sentiment Of Your Employees To Drive Greater Satisfaction

Capture the Sentiment of Your Employees to Drive Greater Satisfaction

The way in which new employees engage and interact with their workspace has been hard to tap into, given the hybrid nature of their working experience. Podium Property Insights can correlate occupancy and utilisation data with team and employee engagement data to analyse specific target groups and determine how different personas prefer to work. Proactive insights provide Workplace Managers with actionable suggestions to improve employee collaboration, sentiment and productivity.


Optimise Your Space For Today, And Plan Your Space For Tomorrow

Optimise Your Space For Today, And Plan Your Space For Tomorrow

Podium Property Insights puts the power of near real time workplace portfolio data at your fingertips and allows you to choose the data sets you need to gain real insight on what is happening today and into the future – not just in the past. The customisable interface allows for flexible data visualisation based on a floor, a building, or across your property portfolio. This can inform Workplace Managers exactly how and when space is being utilised on a floor-by-floor basis in near real time – by team. It provides you with all the insight you need to confidently flex your office space on a regular basis, and by doing so reduce operating costs.


Track Sustainable Initiatives On Your Journey To Absolute Zero

Track Sustainable Initiatives On Your Journey To Absolute Zero

Sustainable practices that reduce the use of electricity, water, waste and other inputs that generate carbon usage can be tracked and monitored in Podium Property Insights. Workplace Managers can flag initiatives to move towards net or absolute zero across multiple data sets that make it clearer about what actions are working.


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