5 Ways Sensors Can Add Value To Your Business

During the course of the pandemic and hybrid work, many business owners installed sensors in the office to get a better overall understanding of how their space is being used. However, people are out off by the idea of sensors in the workplace, making them feel as if their every move is being tracked and their sense of privacy breached. This is an unfortunate and misconstrued attitude that has been developed toward this technology.

Sensors that are used in an office setting – like Butlr – strictly view data and do not have the capability to determine employee-specific information. Podium Property Insights can help workplace managers and building owners not only implement sensors in the right places but also provide them with a platform to effectively gather and interpret that data.

Here are five ways sensors can add value to your business and ensure your space is being used effectively:

  1. Improving thermal-conditions

Sensors are a great tool to determine if you are heating and cooling your spaces efficiently. Placing them in high-trafficked areas can provide accurate measurements which allow your office to become more energy efficient and reduce the carbon footprint.

  1. Forecasting office occupancy

Based on the historical behaviors of your business or office space, sensors can help predict how many people could be in the office on any given day. This is useful in helping inform teams of who may be in the office and when, which will make better use of shared spaces and increase collaboration.

  1. Catering to employee's work styles

No teams are alike and each has its own style of how they operate. Some prefer to work in open spaces, others prefer to be siloed, and some work better in groups as opposed to quiet spaces. For example, sales teams may prefer phone booths rather than open spaces due to the phone calls they need to make. Overall, sensors provide employers specific data to help them cater to their teams needs.

  1. Promoting health and safety

Health and safety is at the forefront of every business. Sensors help ensure employees are given a safe environment to work in. They can also come in handy in more dire situations, such as if someone has fallen or injured themselves, triggering an alert to the appropriate response team.

  1. Usage of existing spaces

Employees have no reason to worry about sensors in their offices. They are useful pieces of equipment that allows businesses to make informed decisions that ultimately improve the in-office experience for everyone.

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