On Cloud 9: Lendlease Sets New Standards For Smarter, Greener Real Estate

  • 10 Mar 2021
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Shaping cities, transforming neighbourhoods and creating strong and connected communities for generations to come is no easy feat. It requires a dedication to innovation, an unwavering commitment to sustainability and a purposeful adoption of digital technologies. 

Fast Company has named Lendlease as the 9th most innovative company in the world for Urban Development.

When I joined Lendlease in 2018, I was drawn to the strong culture of innovation, and the positive outcomes created, particularly in the areas of health and sustainability. The head office in Barangaroo, as an example is located within the world’s first carbon neutral precinct, developed by Lendlease.

Recently, we set ourselves the ambitious target of achieving net zero scope one and two carbon emissions by 2025 and absolute zero carbon emissions by 2040. Digital transformation plays an essential role in the achievement of this target, and Podium will help enable this.

Already, we’ve seen Podium help transform iconic places including Barangaroo South and Bankwest Stadium - setting new standards for smarter, greener real estate worldwide. We're driving our industry forward by:

  1. Reducing construction waste materials: By creating a development as a digital model before construction commences it is possible to create many design scenarios to optimise the use of sustainable materials and reduce waste. Transparency Market Research estimates that by 2025, construction waste material will nearly double to 2.2 billion tonnes. With digital technology, such as Podium Envision, this trend can be reversed.
  2. Choosing sustainable materials: In the above use case, multiple scenario testing can also deliver an additional benefit in sustainability: the ability to model how to develop the most sustainable building or precinct, and the impact on ratings by changing the materials used in the build and assembly.
  3. Optimising energy consumption within buildings and precincts: Bringing together all the data sources across a building in real time, enables the creation of insights such as the consumption and allocation of energy across a building or precinct.
  4. Improving and automating reporting: Simplifying governance commitments and board reporting, and enabling real time updates on forecast rating status.
  5. Reducing a community’s waste materials: With anonymised data it is possible to understand where there is a high volume of waste created and opportunities to convert this waste into renewable energy. For instance, high volumes of vegetable oil waste which can be converted to renewable energy for heating.

Creating places which leave a positive legacy, and continuing to invest in improvements to the world. This is why innovation excites me. 
Today we are on cloud 9, sharing the news of our Innovation award.

Fast Company Aware

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Fast Company is a global media brand with a focus on innovation in technology, leadership and design. Each year it honours those companies making a profound impact in the sectors in which they operate. Previous recipients include Microsoft, Walt Disney Company, Apple and Patagonia.