Lendlease Corporate Real Estate Story

Data driven workplace decisions with Podium Property Insights

See the value of your spaces Image

See the value of your spaces

Hybrid working has changed the way organisations work across the globe. Lendlease, as a designer, provider and advisor on real estate and workplaces, recognizes the need for us all to better understand and embrace this change.

“Whilst previously we would manually analyse access card swipes, this data lacked the granularity to truly understand how our desks, meeting rooms and common spaces were actually being used across the working day”, says Danial Winters, Lendlease Australia’s National Workplace Manager.

From data to decisions

Lendlease engaged Podium to procure and install Butlr occupancy sensors across their Australia, Singapore and London offices. This data was then integrated into the Podium Property Insights (“PPI”) platform, together with access data, space allocation, meeting room booking and employee sentiment data.


This provided Lendlease with a single pane of glass, enriched by PPI’s AI models, to provide fresh and valuable insights across their workplace portfolio.

Over the 8-week period since implementation, PPI identified that in their Sydney Head Office:

  • Some meeting rooms were being booked but not occupied up to 24% of the time
  • Large meeting rooms only had >4 occupants 16% of the time, while smaller rooms occasionally exceeded capacity
  • Team table capacity, while sufficient overall, is not uniformly used, with the Top 5 zones twice as full as the Bottom 5


The knowledge advantage

“Through PPI, we’ve seen that while our existing floor level attendance and booking data is useful, on its own it can be misleading”, says Danial Winters.

“With the depth of insights that PPI provides across multiple data sets, we’re now able to make better decisions around allocations and drive behavioural change. For example, we’re now connecting the sensors deployed by Podium to our room booking application, enabling meeting rooms to be released when they are not occupied within 10mins.“

“As we undertake more initiatives to improve our space utilisation, we’ll be tracking them in real time within PPI, enabling us to continually reimagine our workplaces to provide the best experience for our people in a hybrid world.”