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Podium Property Insights, don't not know.

Unlocking the benefits of Podium Property Insights for your business

Through actionable insights about the interactions between people, spaces, and places, we help you make better decisions powered by trusted, accurate data. Podium Property Insights is a one stop shop for industry leading space optimisation and sustainability solutions.

With the right insights at the right time, you can make better business forecasts, uncover new space optimisations, and support more informed future predictions. Our global property expertise and technology innovation help you turn your passive spaces into active places.

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* 3 Month Money Back Guarantee: If you are not happy for any reason with our product within the first three months post deployment (“Guarantee Period”), you may request termination of your subscription and a refund of the software licence fees (“SaaS Fees”) paid to date. Refund only applies to the SaaS Fees paid and does not include a refund of any other associated fees and charges paid (including: (a) third party fees; (b) fees for hardware or other software features; or (c) any fees for bespoke tailoring of the product). To be eligible for the refund, you must sign up for the product through this website between September 27 2023 and December 31 3023 and request a refund during the Guarantee Period.

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Meeting rooms booked but unoccupied up to 24% of the time