One Year of Lendlease Podium


Launched in the middle of a pandemic in a moment of time etched into our history books. A moment when the world began demanding real change. 
Lendlease Podium had been a concept developed over a number of years in a small corner of the office. Over time, the wild idea stemmed into something bigger. People joined the team connected on a vision for change, ideas grew, and product was created. 
The vision became clear. To transform the entire value chain of the property industry. Many have tried. Chiselling away at long formed processes, one by one. 
Yet the reality is that transformation cannot be siloed. It requires a movement – a fast moving swell inclusive of the entire value chain. 
A pandemic, in hindsight, was the perfect time to launch a new brand. At a time when the world was truly ready for change.
In 12 months, Lendlease Podium has continued to evolve. The platform is now being rolled out across products in Australia, Singapore, the Americas and Milan. 
Partnerships have been formed, including with the Digital Twin Consortium of whom Lendlease is a co-founder. 
New milestones are being realised: faster to market, lower costs and more sustainable operations. And this is just the beginning. 
In March, Fast Company announced Lendlease as the 9th most innovative company in urban design and in May recognised Lendlease Podium as one of the most world changing ideas in the software category
June 30 2021 we celebrate one year of Lendlease Podium. The world is a little safer, and with industry transformation in the built world, safer and healthier for generations to come.