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Frequently asked questions

  • We apply industry leading practices to secure data, data is physically segregated for each customer and is secured using AES-256 encryption methods. We also have an automated process for key management and rotation that is applied for each customer.

  • We offer a full role based access model for all customers to apply according to their own organisational policy. Customers can use the internal RBAC model, self managed, or federate to their own internal Identity Management solution of choice.

  • Each customer can nominate a super user account, which will be the key point for customers to manage a set of key administrative functions inside the Podium applications.

  • We support a range of hardware options around sensors to enhance your Podium experience. We have a list of these support partners here, as well as a set of general connectivity options available to all customers.

  • We have the capability to store data in any of the physical geographies that Google Cloud supports.

  • Podium is compliant with GDPR polices.

  • The storage of customers Personally Identifiable information (PII) is flexible based on the Insight required. Any additional PII information that a customer chooses to upload to Podium is also protected by our industry leading practices.

  • There is no hard limit to the number of data integrations allowable, Podium is designed to be the hub for all of your Workplace and Retail data sources. Integrations are always being added to Podium and are available for new and existing customers to take advantage of.

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