At this year’s Autonomous Building Summit, #Autonomous21, the most progressive minds in the property and data realms intersected to collaborate on digital futures for the built world. At the heart of each path forward was the primacy of data in the discourse. The series of partnerships announced with GoogleAccenture, Schindler Group, Stora Enso and Johnson Controls solidified the core movement to align the industry into a new frontier that ensures a greener, cleaner, healthier built future.
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  • #Autonomous21 speakers are visionaries, innovators and game changers. Meet the people who are transforming our industry, and the world. 

    Virginia Haussegger AM - Award Winning Journalist & Gender Equity Advocate


    Tony Lombardo - Chief Executive Officer Asia, Lendlease

    William Ruh - CEO, Lendlease Digital

    Michael J. Ullmer - Chairman, Lendlease Independent Non Executive Director

    Shemara Wikramanayake - Managing Director and CEO, Macquarie Group

    Claire Johnston - Managing Director, Lendlease for Google Real Estate Development

    Odette Hampton - Trade and Investment Commissioner and Deputy Consul General, Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade)

    Dr. Timothy Chou - Stanford Cloud Computing Lecturer, Blackbaud Board Member

    Bige Tuncer - Associate Head of Pillar, Architecture and Sustainable Design, Singapore University of Technology and Design

    Dr. Bronwyn Evans AM - CEO, Engineers Australia

    Richard Kuppusamy - Head of Digital, Asia & Head of Digital Engineering, Lendlease Digital

    Wong Wei Loong - CEO, Lendlease Digital

    Pankaj Srivastava - CTO & SVP Product Development, Lendlease Digital

    Dorotea Baljevic - Data Science Practice Manager

    Alex Zafiroglu - Professor and Deputy Director of the School of Cybernetics, Australian National University

    Theresa Anderson - Social Informaticist & Data/AI Ethicist, Connecting Stones Consulting

    Dale Connor - CEO, Lendlease Australia

    Daryl Patterson - Chief Product Officer & Head of Architecture, Lendlease Digital

    Susan Constantine - Head of Business for Podium C+D Portfolio, Europe

    Kate Healy - Head of Security Google Cloud AuNZ, Cyber and Risk Thought Leader and Cyber Advocate

    Dr. Christian Studer - Head New Technologies, Schindler

    Pilvi Seppälä - Service Development Manager, Stora Enso Wood Products

    Platt Boyd - Founder and CEO, Branch Technology

    Dr. Tim Parsons - NSW Node Coordinator - SmartSat CRC

    Rebecca Shrimpton - Head of Sector - Defence, Space and Infrastructure – Austrade

    Dr. Jason Held - CEO - Saber Astronautics

    David Francis - CEO & Co-Founder – Virtual Method

    Carli Johnston - Co-founder, Head Of Product – Virtual Method

    Andrew Webster - Managing Director Capital Projects Services, Accenture

    Charlotte Bizeau - Real Estate, Engineering & Construction Lead for ANZ, Accenture

    Fiorenza Lipparini - Managing Partner at PlusValue

    Victoria Whitby - GM Finance / Director of Operations, Lendlease Digital

    Alvin Ng - Vice President and General Manager of Johnson Controls

    Alan Bates - Executive General Manager Private Sector, Lendlease

    Donatella Sciuto - Delegato del Rettore alla Ricerca at Politecnico di Milano

    Adriana Maggi - Professor at University of Milan
  • 7.00 - 7.30am Exclusive: Pre Event with Lendlease, Accenture and JCI Live

    #Autonomous21 kicks off at 8:00am AEST.
    Session 1: Digital Transformation (starts 8:15am AEST)
    Session 2: Technology Trends (starts 11:30am AEST)
    Session 3: Autonomous in Action (starts 2:15pm AEST)




    8.00am Modern Didgeridoo Performance  Ganga Giri 
    8.10am Opening Welcome  Virginia Haussegger 
    8.15am Keynote: Safer, Greener, Autonomous Communities: Designed For You Tony Lombardo 
    8.45am World Changing Ideas, World Changing Outcomes: A Year of Autonomous  William Ruh
    9.20am Digital in the Boardroom: How Digital Transformation is Changing the Role of Boards and the Relationship with Management Teams Michael Ullmer and Shemara Wikramanayake
    9.50am From Bricks to Clicks: Harnessing Data to Drive Better Customer Outcomes  Claire Johnston
    10.20am Podium MX Studio Tour William Ruh
    10.30am Morning Tea Break – Explore the Podium Lab  
    10:50am How the Space Race is Shaping New Cities Odette Hampton, Dr. Tim Parsons, Dr. Jason Held and Rebecca Shrimpton
    11.20am Keynote: Covid's Silver Lining Dr. Timothy Chou
    12:05pm Digital Accelerating 3D printing in the built world Platt Boyd
    12.25pm Autonomous and Cybersecurity Kate Healy
    12.55pm Adopting Technology in the Property Sectors: Trends, Challenges and the Real Opportunity Pankaj Srivastava 
    1.25pm  Lunch Break – Explore the Podium Lab  
    2.15pm Fireside Chat: The Podium of a Flourishing Community is Data Dorotea Baljevic, Alex Zafiroglu and Theresa Anderson 
    2.45pm Creating Local Jobs and Building Better Communities Dale Connor 
    3:15pm  Creating Digital Assets for Existing Buildings Carli Johnston, David Francis
    3.45pm Reimaging the Design and Supply Process with Automation Daryl Patterson, Pilvi Seppälä and Dr. Christian Studer  
    4.20pm Building Better Cities Together: How Cross Sector Collaboration is Helping Build Smarter and More Resilient Cities Bige Tuncer, Wong Wei Loong, Dr. Bronwyn Evans, Richard Kuppusamy
    4.45pm A City of MIND, Health, Sustainability: Innovation for Good in Milan Susan Constantine, Fiorenza Lipparini, Alan Bates, Donatella Sciuto and Adriana Maggi
    5.20pm Questions from the Audience Virginia Haussegger
    5.30pm Closing Comments  Virginia Haussegger and William Ruh 
    5.40pm  Networking and Explore the Podium Lab