10 sustainability.jpg

Chapter 10: Sustainability, Driving Sustainable Practices


Pillar of Collaborative Synergy: Uniting Spaces with Podium Property Insights' Connecting Power

Pillar 3.png

Pillar of Predictive Excellence: Shaping the Future with Podium Property Insights' Predictive Power 

Connect, explore track.png

Podium Property Insights (PPI): Connecting, Exploring, and Tracking for Real Estate 

Podium Property Insights (PPI): Connecting, Exploring, and Tracking for Real Estate 

Pillar 2.jpg

Pillar of Responsiveness: Empowering Real-Time Decision-Making with Podium Property Insights

Pillar 1.jpg

Pillar of Intuitive Excellence: Navigating Property Insights with Podium 

Pillar of Intuitive Excellence: Navigating Property Insights with Podium

AI Blog.jpg

The role of Gen AI in the built environment – Are we there yet?

The role of Gen AI in the built environment – Are we there yet?

9 ancillary value.jpg

Chapter 9 - Generate Ancillary Value

ramp up P4D.png

Transforming the Built Environment: Platform DfMA as the Catalyst for Change

8 team needs.jpg

Chapter 8: Accommodate Changing Team Needs

7 leasing.jpg

Chapter 7: Leasing

Chapter 7: Leasing

4 Employee engagement.jpg

Chapter 4: Increase employee engagement

Chapter 4: Increase employee engagement


Anticipating Market Trends by Identifying Gaps and Building Intelligence

Anticipating Market Trends by Identifying Gaps and Building Intelligence

6 employee wellbeing.jpg

Chapter 6: Enhance employee wellbeing

Chapter 6: Enhance employee wellbeing


Chapter 5: Reconfigure operations

Chapter 5: Reconfigure Operations


Chapter 3: Improve Space Utilisation


Chapter 2: Reduce Operating Costs

PPI - The User.JPG

Podium Property Insights: The User

1 Automated Reporting.png

Chapter 1: Automate Reporting

Mission Zero.png

Event: ESG and Carbon Accounting Case Studies

Partnership Web Banner.png

Accenture and Lendlease Expand Partnership

4 Ways Decarbonisation.png

Four Ways For Businesses to Decarbonise by Measuring Electricity And Gas Usage

Employee Sentiment.png

Opinion Piece: Five Ways to Increase Employee Sentiment

5 Ways Sensors.png

5 Ways Sensors Can Add Value To Your Business

Smart Buildings and Bustling Streets: A New Perspective on Work, Live, Play


Claire Johnston WRLDCTY

Transforming Urban Spaces and Places


Lendlease Group Launches Digital Platform to Optimise Workplaces


Blog: ThoughtWire + Lendlease Partnership

Lendlease Podium Strikes ‘Digital Twin’ Partnership With ThoughtWire

Forecasting spatial requirements.png

Forecasting Spatial Requirements

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Podium Property Insights: Sustainability Tracking

Curated Marketplace.png

Podium Property Insights: Curated Market Place

Predictive Analytics.png

Podium Property Insights - Predictive Analytics

Workplace Exp.PNG

Podium Property Insights: Sentiment and Behaviour

Return To Work.jpg

Podium Property Insights: State Of The Workplace - Blending Digital And Physical


Lendlease Podium Crowned 'Innovation' Leader At iTnews Benchmark Awards

Podium Blog 5 Image.png

Podium Property Insights: Initiatives Log & Track

Effectively logging and tracking workspace initiatives ensures that workplace managers are not flying blind when trying to guide the workplace through the challenges of returning to work.


Lendlease Scores 'Double Google Win' For Sustainability, Innovation

Lendlease has scored a double award win from Google - clinching the top spot for ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Cross-Industry’ - as the property giant is recognised for delivering innovative solutions that make a positive impact on the environment, and harness the power of aggregate data and analysis to address the complex challenges that previously seemed insurmountable.


Podium Property Insights: Workplace Attendance Forecasting

Forecasting workplace attendance in the "new normal" is more important than ever, allowing businesses to right-size their investment in office space with confidence, while still best-meeting the needs of their people.


Podium Property Insights: Analytics And Insights For Workplace Managers

Recognising the benefits of harnessing data to make office spatial decisions requires more than a wealth of charts and graphs; decision makers also need access to powerful analytics and actionable insights.

Newsletter Bill Tobin crop.png


Podium World Environment Day Newsletter Image.png

Celebrating World Environment Day: Lendlease reduces carbon footprint by ditching data centres for Google Cloud


Podium Property Insights: An Introduction To Podium Property Insights

Accelerated access to data has cemented the property industry’s place in the digital age, yet the overwhelming volume and fragmentation of available data makes it difficult to extract meaning and actionable insights.

Graduates 388  388px.png

4 Graduates Chat ‘Internship And Innovation’ At Lendlease Podium

From data analyst to digital graduate to product analyst to UX/UI designer, all four graduates share their reasons for joining the digital team; highlight some key accomplishments in their roles; offer up some practical advice to others looking to jump into the game; and reflect on some pivotal lessons learned along the way.


Cop26: ‘Greening Buildings And Construction’ Through Innovative, Digital Technologies

‘Clean construction’ measures key to sustainable future for built world. The global adoption of innovative low carbon technologies – including engineered timber – is one type of clean construction and ‘smart-climate’ solution that’s fostering sustainability and development, and combating climate change, according to Lendlease’s Mario Lara Ledermann during a COP26 panel in Glasgow.


2022 - The Year Things Go Meta

In the second half of 2021, the concept of the metaverse briefly nudged pandemic headlines to second rung and dominated screens, boardrooms and memes. While the hype was all encompassing, there was a loose depth of understanding on how this new iteration of digital engagement would work and how it will impact business. Essentially, it encapsulates the next wave of web immersion and that galaxy is vast, including Augmented Reality /Virtual Reality, crypto, blockchain, AI, privacy tech, autonomy and digital twins.


Digital Tools Are Set To Enhance How Our Project Teams Create And Curate The Best Places

“The focus of great city planning has moved well beyond functionality. Yet creating great projects is complex, with so many interfaces, even getting the basics right can absorb most of the project team’s time. Our industry will need to increasingly adopt digital tools which are capable of improving time efficiency and enabling project teams to focus less on basic processes and more on customers and end-user experience”


2022 Visions - Digitisation And Designing For Change In The Built World

The property and construction industry and everything it touches is re-defining new frontiers in living and working. AI, ethical manufacturing, sustainable supply chains and autonomous data driven futures require leadership, creative thinking and vision that goes beyond rudimentary forecasts. In a two-part series, Lendlease Podium speaks with the visionaries of our industry on what they see on the horizon.


It Is People That Makes Technology Great

Harvey Worton, Co-CIO Lendlease recently joined the 6 Degrees AI conference which celebrated technology, AI and Innovation. Sharing the journey to cloud, Harvey shares moments of wow, learnings and the biggest contributor to the success of a digital strategy: People.


Rise Of Green Tech In The Age Of Sustainability And Consumption

When you're thinking about what to eat every day, you have a choice to make about something that's going to make you healthy and be beneficial for your future or something that's just more pleasurable and easier to undertake. The real opportunity we have around sustainability is to have our cake and eat it too.


As Above, So Below: Space And Sustainability

What happens in space affects us here on Earth. The answer to whether there's life in the universe is out there, the answer to climate change is out there. The task of fixing things up there directly affects us here, to be a part of the future of humanity we need to be a part of space.


Lendlease Co-CIOs Harvey Worton And David Lipscomb Crack The 2021 CIO50 List

Now in its sixth year, the CIO50 list celebrates the achievements of Australia's top 50 senior technology and digital executives - and our Global Co-CIOs, Harvey Worton and David Lipscomb, have cracked the list!


#DigitalTradies: Ready, Teddy, Go! Meet Harvey Worton - CIO, Triathlete And... Bear?

We spoke with Harvey Worton, our Group Co-CIO at Lendlease Digital who also happens to be a bit of a triathlete. His words of wisdom for aspiring Digital Tradies: “It’s important to remember that people make technology great. Be authentic. Expect to be challenged. Expect to learn. And expect to have a lot of fun along the way.”


Recreating The Path From Bricks To Clicks With Deep Data

The gift of data analysis is that it allows for making profound changes to the infrastructure backed by insights and knowledge that can modify outcomes and create ongoing opportunities to do better. Learn more from Claire Johnston - Managing Director, Lendlease for Google Real Estate Development.


Covid’s Silver Lining: Creating Buildings That See, Hear, Smell And Think

COVID’s silver lining is the acceleration of adoption of five key technologies: Cloud computing, 5G, IoT, Edge computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI). How do these technologies change the property, construction, agriculture, textile, and healthcare industries within an industry - and even transform countries?


#DigitalTradies: When The Love Of Sports Takes You To The World Of Data Science - Meet Andrew Kuo

We spoke with Andrew Kuo (on his birthday! Hip hip hooray!). Andrew is a self-confessed Sports Nerd and Senior Data Scientist at Lendlease Digital.


Lendlease And Stora Enso Launch Global Sustainable Timber Partnership

A major new partnership between international real estate group, Lendlease, and one of the world’s leading suppliers of sustainable timber, Stora Enso, is set to supercharge the use of environmentally friendly construction products in some of the world’s most recognised cities.


The Future Is Already Here, And It Is Autonomous By Design

It is no coincidence that art can be found in the term, artificial intelligence. As we navigate our current reality and the wisest paths forward to recalibrate, innovate and create the digital present and future that we want and require, our industry is reminded of how central the nexus of art, design and data is for the construction of a digital renaissance in the building and property sector.


Partnering For Purpose With Johnson Controls

Digital transformation at the scale and speed required is made possible through strong collaboration and partnerships. In our latest Autonomous Now webinar, Ciaran Hennessy catches up with Alvin Ng, Vice President & General Manager at JCI Singapore, to discuss the shared values and partnership between Lendlease and Johnson Controls. They also address the outcomes the property industry can expect to see through this partnership.


Data – The New Podium For Autonomous Building

“Data! Data Data! I can’t make bricks without clay!” said the creator of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle back in the early 20th century. The prescience of these words for the property sector as a whole in 2021 could not be more apt. Over the last year Lendlease has defined five levels to the pathway of autonomous building design and construction, which will help organisations embark on the journey and decide where to invest and why.


Under The Hood: The Technology Behind Podium And Our Quest For Autonomous

In this fun panel, Ciaran Hennessy (Principal Software Architect at Lendlease Digital) catches up with four of our #DigitalTradies who are currently working on Lendlease Podium. The team run through an easy-to-understand overview of the technology and engineering behind Podium, how it will help us move towards a more autonomous future, and ultimately achieve the important outcomes that matter most.


Introducing Podium Placemaker – Our New Augmented Reality Experience

Today we launch Podium Placemaker, our new Augmented Reality experience breathing life to our places. We start with Barangaroo South, in Sydney Australia, and the Milano Innovation District (MIND) in Milan Italy.


Digital And Sustainable: Lendlease And Google Cloud Partner To Digitally Transform The Built World

Today, Lendlease and Google Cloud have announced a new global partnership aimed at transforming the construction and operation of buildings and cities around the world.


So, What’s It Like To Work On A World Changing Idea? Our Podium Grads Tell All

In this fun panel, our lovely Serena Dias (Cloud Product Analyst and member of the Digital Graduate Steering Committee), catches up with four of our amazing Digital Graduates who are currently working on Podium. The team share insights into life in the Digital Graduate program and what it's like to work on one of the world's most innovative products.


Lendlease Podium | Digital Twins: A Key Enabler In Our Race To A Sustainable Future

The world is starting to quickly refocus efforts to respond to the unavoidable consequences of climate change. In this article, Colin Dominish, Head of Podium Asset Services, describes some of the approaches Lendlease Podium is using to tackle the challenge head on. He explains what a digital twin is, how that relates to net zero outcomes, and what needs to happen for us to get there.


#DigitalTradies: “Wake Up To A Plank, Not To A Coffee” - Meet Udaya Kondameedi, Hatha Yogi And Head Of Software Engineering

Earlier today, we spoke with Udaya Kondameedi - Head of Software Engineering at Lendlease Digital, Singapore. Udaya loves to workout (being a former Hatha Yoga Practitioner) and is passionate about women in technology. She encourages our future generation of #DigitalTradies to “Dream big, because there’s so much to achieve in this world!”


#DigitalTradies: Meet Dorotea Baljević - Fashion Icon, Ethical Technology Leader And Future Astronaut

Earlier today, we spoke with Dorotea Baljević - Head of Data Science Practice at Lendlease Digital.


#DigitalTradies: All A-Boat Cam Creigh, Product Design Lead And... Dolphin?

Earlier today, we caught up with Cam Creigh, Product Design Lead at Lendlease Digital.


What The Property And Construction Industries Can Learn From Car Manufacturing To Disrupt The Supply Chain

It’s a parallel that gets drawn quite often - the built world vs. the car world. In our latest Autonomous Now webinar, Daryl Patterson, Chief Product Officer & Head of Architecture, Lendlease Digital, shares some key insights and explores how the built world can learn a lesson or two from car manufacturing.


#DigitalTradies: Meet Portia Hyland - Data Superstar And... Meerkat?

In this new series, we catch up with some very awesome people in the Lendlease Digital family to find out what they do and what they’re working on right now, with Podium. Today we spoke with Portia Hyland, superstar in all things data and... meerkat?


#DigitalTradies: When A Classical Musician Discovers The World Of Technology - Meet Ciaran Hennessy

Today we spoke with Ciaran Hennessy, former classical musician - turned technology leader. Ciaran is the Principal Software Architect at Lendlease Digital and Chair of the Infrastructure Working Group of the Digital Twin Consortium.

digitising supply chain_388x388.jpg

Pipedream Or Reality: Why Digitally Connecting The Supply Chain Is The Only Way Forward

Digitisation is sweeping across the world, transforming businesses, entire industries, and forever changing the human experience - and the supply chain isn’t immune to its transformative effects. In fact, digitisation - and the ongoing global adoption of Industry 4.0 - unlocks visibility, and completely transforms the operations of a supply chain network, company or procurement process.

How digital twins breathe new life_388x388 (1).jpg

Q&A: Digital Twins And Safety With Ciaran Hennessy

In collaboration with members in the Digital Twin Consortium, Lendlease has produced a special report on the role of digital twins and the impact they have on safety in construction. We sit down with Ciaran Hennessy, Principal Architect at Lendlease Digital and Chair of the Infrastructure Working Group of the Digital Twin Consortium, to get the 101 on digital twins and the recent report – available to download soon.

388x388 Responsible Use of Data Built World.jpg

Responsible Use Of Data In The Built World: What’s Your Purpose?

Historians tell us how Native Americans had the vision - and foresight - to think seven generations into the future when considering their impact on the land. It’s this kind of boundless vision and innate sense of social responsibility that’s needed in the property and construction industry as it relates to the responsible use of data.


One Year Of Lendlease Podium

Launched in the middle of a pandemic in a moment of time etched into our history books. A moment when the world began demanding real change. Lendlease Podium had been a concept developed over a number of years in a small corner of the office. Over time, the wild idea stemmed into something bigger.


Barangaroo's New Buzzing Community Helping To Reduce Carbon Footprint One Rooftop At A Time


Announcement: Podium Named ‘World Changing Idea’ In Software


The Pathway To Autonomous Buildings

Introducing a 5 step framework to help you benchmark progress towards the creation of truly ‘autonomous’ buildings. Learn about each stage and where we track.


Smart ‘Mind’ Powers Future Italian District With Human Approach To Building And Design


On Cloud 9: Lendlease Sets New Standards For Smarter, Greener Real Estate


Opinion Piece - The Opportunity Of Trans-Pacific Partnership


Autonomous Buildings ‘Adapt, Respond’ To Human Needs, Behaviours

Think buildings are just static steel and concrete? Think again. Welcome to the transformative and sustainable world of ‘autonomous buildings’ - code-named Property 4.0 - a powerful movement reshaping the property and construction industries and disrupting every aspect of the traditional property lifecycle.


Better Places For Everyone

Lendlease has a proud history of innovation and recognises the physical environment is only one aspect of what makes a great place.


Podium Announcement

The Podium platform provides the industry with Insights, Clarity and Performance never experienced before.


Bankwest Stadium

Bankwest Stadium is a 30,000 seat stadium in Parramatta, Greater Western Sydney. Opened in 2019, it was designed and built to deliver a world-class experience.


Digitisation Is The Post Covid-19 Reboot The Property And Construction Sector Has Been Waiting For

Australia’s post COVID-19 property and construction sector is on the cusp of a one in one-hundred-year leap forward according to one of the world’s leading digital experts.


Barangaroo South

Barangaroo is one of the most significant waterfront transformations currently underway anywhere in the world.